January Poet’s Corner

by George A. Hancock January 2022 Saturday begins a New YearQuiet now without a cheerA few are up and outsideLike runners on a road ride. We begin a new log bookRunning steady never shookFor many, running is easyEven in winds… Read More ›

December Poet’s Corner

by George A. Hancock December’s View Wednesday begins December’s runOften cold, snowy with little sunBut December’s always very brightBecause those lights shine right. Out on my early December runI find fantastic Christmas funGreat displays with gala lightsProvide miles of warm… Read More ›

Rambling Roads: Autumn Heat?

By George A. Time’s steady movement flows on. Autumn’s vibrant and majestic season is nearly at its end. Soon, the Christmas season will envelop our days. And then, in the days after that gala event, we prepare for a… Read More ›

November Poet’s Corner

by George A. Hancock November’s Chill Monday brings November firstArriving in a bleak chilly burstThe beautiful leaves now swirlWhile the wind messes a curl. Our running scene is now starkI trot past trees in brown barkOur seasonal shed is completeAnother… Read More ›

Rambling Roads: On An August Day

By George A. Sunday begins our August run. 31 days devoted to sweaty hot and humid fun. Summer’s last hurrah generally never leaves on a gentle note. Our August “dog days” bake our macadam roadways. Some days, runners and… Read More ›

August 2021

Poetry by George A. Hancock August View August’s view is a dimmer sideFor our morning running rideCloudy days equal a dark runSince we lack the dawn sun. Quiet greets this running guyIt’s dark so birds never flyBigger critters move aboutPerhaps… Read More ›

Rambling Roads: Alan Sillitoe

By George A. OK, who the heck is Allan Sillitoe? And, why does he earn a mention in this running column? These are both good questions. Hopefully, this column provide some answers. We live in a highly visual 24/7… Read More ›

July 2021

by George A. Hancock Black Flies July’s heat is upon us Creating an early fuss Sweat drips already While we run steady. Or, at least try a pace Easy on our red face As we run before six Out in… Read More ›

June 2021

by George A. Hancock Halfway June is our halfway markIn this turbulent 2021 larkThe second quarter is doneYet, tasks wait by the ton. Now runners on the moveFind that nice daily grooveThat permits a road viewAs our months bid adieu…. Read More ›

May 2021

by George A. Hancock May’s View Fragrant colors are May’s viewAs spring prepares her adieuSoon we welcome summer daysComplete with perfect sunny rays. The rain and sun create lush greenAlong this runner’s roadside sceneFoliage sprouts amidst those treesShading any warm… Read More ›

April 2021

by George A. Hancock April Green Warmer Temps and rainDampen our April plainCreating great April greenAlong our roadside scene. April rain and the sun togetherSteadily enrich our green heatherThe lawns and fields are now niceAnd free of that snowy cold… Read More ›

Rambling Roads: A D.S.T. Change

By George A.  Daylight Saving Time or D.S.T. begins Sunday, March 14 this year. This daylight shift remains until Sunday, November 7. D.S.T. creates more evening daylight hours, and most individuals support and appreciate this time shift. Regular readers… Read More ›