August 2021

Poetry by George A. Hancock

August View

August’s view is a dimmer side
For our morning running ride
Cloudy days equal a dark run
Since we lack the dawn sun.

Quiet greets this running guy
It’s dark so birds never fly
Bigger critters move about
Perhaps hunting on my route.

Despite the dark it’s still hot
Thus slowing the morning trot
Humidity creates a sweaty feel
And sometimes an early squeal.

Often at dawn a morning haze
Captures the runner’s gaze
Low ground fog often hides
Runners on the dim roadsides.

The view is dim at our August end
Shrinking daylight is our new blend
Morning and evening light slip away
Gone now till a 2022 spring day.

School’s Open

Is there an issue here?
Now, I’m no road seer
But I run near grounds
That feature few sounds.

Local schools open soon
And some students swoon
There’s road traffic nearby
Some motorists wave Hi!

Yet, student numbers are low
Our population does not grow
Half-filled schools are the norm
Colleges can’t fill the dorm.

I run along the school roads
Enjoying an August episode
Viewing the empty UPJ lots
Once sought-after car spots.

This issue is under review
So, I run on enjoying the view
August and schools go together
Like running and great weather.

On Summer’s Demise

These days road running early
Avoids that weather so burly
“Ya know,” when so very warm
That many bug loves to swarm.

When August finally does end
We realize autumn will send
Much cooler running forays
Along with darker road days.

Summer’s demise seems quick
Many dread leaves falling thick
And the dark makes folks sad
But this runner runs on glad.

Lately, hot and humid weather
Browns our lush green heather
We sweat just tying our shoes
Humidity creates road blues.

It’s time, we need to move on
Relish the fresh autumn dawn
A season ends but this new one
Is rich, colorful before it’s done.

              George A. Hancock

(Photo by Karen Mitchell)

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