July 2021

by George A. Hancock

Black Flies

July’s heat is upon us
Creating an early fuss
Sweat drips already
While we run steady. 

Or, at least try a pace
Easy on our red face
As we run before six
Out in the buggy mix. 

Black flies on the move
Seek a sweaty groove
Or a body part to bite
This is their early rite. 

My hat becomes a bat
I swing this JRC hat
At those nasty flies
Biting hard without lies.

Hot and humid days
Create some biting brays
They bite any sweaty part
That sting is their bad art.

July's View

July begins on a Thursday
Sure to toast the roadway
With an abundant hot sun
That many consider fun.

July’s view is always warm
So outside people swarm
Heading to the local pool
Splashing in water so cool.

Running early on the road 
Avoids a toasted episode
Many seek a shady trail 
And run fast without fail.
Those running after dawn
Often are a cooked pawn
The macadam road is hot
Spoiling a mid-day trot. 

July is hot summer weather
We run and sweat together
But after, we share a drink
Spirits soar and never shrink. 

Sweaty Runs 

Hmm, it’s 10 before 6 a.m.
Yet, already we utter Ahem!
July’s humidity’s on the move
Guaranteeing a sweaty groove.

Its summer so sweaty runs
Are created daily by the tons
Hey, follow my sweaty trail
'Cause I’m out without fail. 

Now, we have great road gear
Allowing us to run minus fear
Space-age fibers that do work
This clothing is a terrific perk.

Yet, it’s wise running in the shade
Here we cool the distance parade
The local trails beneath leafy trees
Make daily runs a nifty breeze.

July creates our sweaty runs
With excessive heat that stuns
So, be sure to hydrate well
Thus avoiding a fainting spell.

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