Poetry for September 2022

by George A Hancock

An Apple Run 

September gives us a treat
Delighting this road athlete 
There are so many types 
Deserving the daily hypes.

Yes, the apple crop is in
Detesting them, a real sin
Here, apple orchards abound
Filling bins in a huge mound.

Apples are a running treat
Their juicy taste never beat
Unless baked in a big pie
Then earning a happy sigh. 

I have favorites but eat all
Perhaps, why I love the fall
Every day is an apple run
Soon after my run’s done.

Apples are a handy food 
Improving my daily mood 
Apples and pumpkin spice
Hmm, a treat that’s nice.

September 2022 

Labor Day is the lone holiday
As summer 2022 slips away
Early autumn is now here 
As a few folks loudly cheer.

Football days are back again
Creating my happy grin
School and fall festivals are 
Upon us like jam in a jar. 

Early on, the weather is warm
So outside folks still swarm
But soon, autumn temps cool
Yep, it’s time to close the pool.

Early morn runs are very dark
And again I see the tree bark
As the foliage begins to drop 
Amidst this colorful backdrop.

September means more gear 
For morning runs minus fear
Late September is cool to cold
But this view never grows old.

Autumn Running 

The eastern sky remains dark
As I begin my Monday lark
Touring the woodsy state road
Pursuing an autumn episode.

Here, the foliage begins a change
While green stays up on the range
But below, the road sees less light
Creating this autumn color delight.

My early morning run is now cool
Sometimes cold, meaning a new rule
Requires checking the early weather
As Mother Nature and I run together.

The morning autumn winds have a bite
Gone are the easy breezy road sights 
Replaced now by cool windy things 
Minus morning noise like bird sings.

My autumn run is quiet and dark 
And warm weather is now in park
Yet, the roadside view is first rate
So I smile and increase my gait.
September XC running
September XC running

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