April 2021

by George A. Hancock

April Green

Warmer Temps and rain
Dampen our April plain
Creating great April green
Along our roadside scene.

April rain and the sun together
Steadily enrich our green heather
The lawns and fields are now nice
And free of that snowy cold ice.

Running early along the road
One witnesses a spring episode
The vegetation adds more green
Perfecting this spring road scene.

The local trees are slower to bud
Yet, their growth is not a dud
These leaves are growing strong
The branches feature bird song.

Sometimes we earn a special day
When clouds are never in the way
The April sun drenches the road
Enhancing our running mode.

April Shale

What the heck is April shale?
Most know, it makes us pale
Running the early spring roads
Fuels this tiny piercing episodes.

This shale is leftover wintry debris
Placed down to insure a driving spree
Remains safe when the snowfalls
Covering streets creating slow crawls.

Many locales use more shale than salt
Due to a budget shortfall default
So, by spring runners see this shale
While running over hill and dale.

Now, while running and seeing bikes
Either pedal or motorized earns a Yikes!
Bikes have little traction on this stuff
And smacking the road is kind of rough.

It takes time to sweep the shale away
So, if a distance run begins your day
Eye that shale during your road play
Or a sliding fall could be your pay.

April’s View

April’s early view is often poor
As runners see out their door
The snow melts leaving debris
All along their running spree.

Then, Mother Nature ramps up
Producing a green spring setup
Warmer temps and gentle rain
Help eliminate that winter stain.

Soon, April’s view is a lush green
Spreading along our roadside scene
The fields and yards steadily green
Running by we note the spring sheen.

Most days we dress light for our run
Often beneath a delightful spring sun
Shedding those heavier winter clothes
Is great since we no longer run frozen.

April’s view is a growing spring day
We ran winter earning this pay
Each season last only so long
And we gain morning bird song.

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