January Poet’s Corner

by George A. Hancock

January 2022

Saturday begins a New Year
Quiet now without a cheer
A few are up and outside
Like runners on a road ride.

We begin a new log book
Running steady never shook
For many, running is easy
Even in winds quite breezy.

Some runners will add a race
Perhaps at a fast-trained pace
Others like me will just run on
Often before we see the dawn.

January begins our yearly run
It helps to have the warm sun
But it’s winter, so we run on
While snow covers the lawn.

January 2022 is my 49th year
As a runner out in road gear
In that time, I’ve run many miles
It’s easy to run long with smiles.

On a Winter Run

The run begins before dawn
Outside we’re often a pawn
In Mother Nature’s daily game
Which has earned her fame.

Yet, we’re off on a winter run
Hoping to see daylight’s sun
As we finish our daily miles
Then, we beam warm smiles.

It gets cold so the right gear
Allows daily runs minus fear
I wear winter spikes when bad
And for this, I’m often glad.

Lately, winter’s season is mild
Pleasing this running child
All my miles are run outside
In this changing weather ride.

Winter’s season is only so long
We repeat in freezing cold song
Staying weather-aware does help
It eases the season’s wintry yelp.

A January Asset

Daylight is a January asset
Always sought without regret
By outside runners on the move
Perfecting their running groove.

January sees daylight grow well
This light casts a seasonal spell
On those running in the dark
It really helps their daily lark.

We survived winter’s long night
By running the dark without fright
It can be done, but daylight’s nice
In the light we see the snowy ice.

Daylight steadily grows strong
As January ends in a cold song
February gives us more daylight
Aiding our wintry road flight.

2022 begins strong and brave
We smile and send a wave
As we run in the New Year
Enjoying this daylight premier.

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