Poet’s Corner

June 2022 Poetry

by George A. Hancock June 2022 Wednesday begins June’s run Now featuring morning sun June’s dawn appears quick And summer fun’s no trick. Early summer on the roads Has many neat episodes We reached warmer days With streaming sun rays…. Read More ›

Poet’s Corner, April 2022

by George A. Hancock Green April’s color is greenAcross our road sceneGreen buds sproutAlong every road route. Our spring season is hereThe growing weather nearCreating delightful sightsAs our runs take flights. Running in lighter gearMinus that wintry fearIs a plus… Read More ›

February 2022 Poet’s Corner

by George Hancock February 2022 Tuesday begins February’s run28 days filled with winter funOr, continuing our mild trendMild I like so please don’t end. In 2021, February was the seasonOf winter’s snowy cold reasonSeveral weeks devoted to coldAnd outside went… Read More ›

January Poet’s Corner

by George A. Hancock January 2022 Saturday begins a New YearQuiet now without a cheerA few are up and outsideLike runners on a road ride. We begin a new log bookRunning steady never shookFor many, running is easyEven in winds… Read More ›

December Poet’s Corner

by George A. Hancock December’s View Wednesday begins December’s runOften cold, snowy with little sunBut December’s always very brightBecause those lights shine right. Out on my early December runI find fantastic Christmas funGreat displays with gala lightsProvide miles of warm… Read More ›

November Poet’s Corner

by George A. Hancock November’s Chill Monday brings November firstArriving in a bleak chilly burstThe beautiful leaves now swirlWhile the wind messes a curl. Our running scene is now starkI trot past trees in brown barkOur seasonal shed is completeAnother… Read More ›