November Poet’s Corner

by George A. Hancock

November’s Chill

Monday brings November first
Arriving in a bleak chilly burst
The beautiful leaves now swirl
While the wind messes a curl.

Our running scene is now stark
I trot past trees in brown bark
Our seasonal shed is complete
Another fantastic natural feat.

I’m still running daily in shorts
Although some cast mean retorts
So many despise November’s chill
Missing this November run thrill.

Running in shorts, gloves, and jacket
In November requires no packet
Of detailed info runner’s need
Just watch Mother Nature’s bead.

Weather aware helps runners move
Especially when in a chilly wet grove
November’s chill is not that bad
Remember, running is not a fad.

 Holiday Treats

It seems at October’s end
Holidays just don’t bend
They fall near the final days
Holiday treats earning Yeas!

Halloween and Thanksgiving treats
Delight many road-running athletes
And Christmas treats never stop
There’s so many, we need to swap.

But, runners must heed the price
Mindless treat-eating is like slick ice
Holiday treat moderation is the key
Or one turns into a chunky road bee.

An occasional treat sample is OK
For daily running on any roadway
So many folks pack on the pounds
As the holidays make their rounds.

Holiday treats are always so tasty
But eating caution is never hasty
It’s tough but when running on
Moderation brings a lighter dawn.

   November’s View

November is often a stark scene
Featuring more brown than green
Withered leaves shuffle on by
Beneath a brooding somber sky.

November dawns with chilly air
That ruffles the old black hair
Due to the cold November wind
That freezes the thin skinned.

Yet, on a sunny November day
With local skies not so gray
November’s view is so cool
With our ridges now minuscule.

Although stark, life continues on
We all seek a brighter dawn
We endure this seasonal whim
While running with great vim.

Late November grows brighter
As our holidays get tighter
Christmas displays are great
Running past is always first rate.

Mackenzie Nolan of Columbia, PA was second woman overall in 3:29:09.

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