December Poet’s Corner

by George A. Hancock

December’s View

Wednesday begins December’s run
Often cold, snowy with little sun
But December’s always very bright
Because those lights shine right.

Out on my early December run
I find fantastic Christmas fun
Great displays with gala lights
Provide miles of warm delights.

December is a dark running time
Darkness grows without a rhyme
Yet, the Christmas displays help
They ease our cold wintry yelp.

So many communities light up
Delighting this old road pup
Some add music to the scene
At 6 a.m. this is very keen.

So what if there’s snowy cold
This runner runs on ever bold
My December view is so nice
Always free minus a hefty price.

A December Snow

Our winter season grows mild
Delighting this veteran road child
Running or trudging in deep snow
Is never fun except at the ski show.

Yet, a December Christmas snow
Does create an amazing road show
Display lights twinkle and glow on
Especially when out before dawn.

A December snow that falls light
Is a perfect postcard-like sight
Enough snow to cover the ground
Is grand for those home bound.

Christmas dispels the seasonal dark
Helping to ease that wintry bark
It’s cold on the run but so pretty
From the suburbs out to the city.

Dry Christmas roads are okay too
As locally severe winters bid adieu
Runners adapt, enjoy, and run on
Always seeking a brighter dawn.

A Christmas Wedding

Christmas is always a fun time
As expressed in poetic rhyme
By this runner and other folks
Enjoying what Christmas evokes.

A Christmas wedding this year
Has earned a December cheer
Our Cory and Bethany will wed
Creating a new family thread.

Daily running helps with jitters
Even with those nervous flitters
But the dads do have it easy
For us the day dawns breezy.

The bride did say no running shoes
I can do that without any blues
Dressing up will be no real chore
As the wedding reaches our door.

The moms are doing their best
Their work, pleasing every guest
The 18th will be a happy day
Even if the sky remains gray.

Editors’ Note: We want to wish Cory and Bethany warmest best wishes on their upcoming wedding. We wish you many years of happiness. And congratulations to each set of proud parents. We remember when Cory was born! Sunrise…Sunset…

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