June 2021

by George A. Hancock


June is our halfway mark
In this turbulent 2021 lark
The second quarter is done
Yet, tasks wait by the ton.

Now runners on the move
Find that nice daily groove
That permits a road view
As our months bid adieu.

Many squander their time.
Fretting on without rhyme
Totally missing the big pic
Maybe, thick as a brick?

June is a beautiful season
Few need a good reason
Not to play well outside
Like a long-distance ride.

By June 30 it’s halfway
To 2021’s final end day
This guy is on the run
Enjoying the June sun.

June’s View

June creates a summer view
So perfect like a strong glue
June holds the season together
With its delicious weather.

Running daily at the dawn hour
Fills many with summer power
The sun rises over in the East
Thrilling any sweaty road beast.

Green foliage graces our trees
Shading our warm day sprees
While wild flowers are in sprout
As we run our familiar route.

School traffic leaves our view
As summer vacations begin anew
Others will join the vacation route
Because time away carries clout.

June’s view is easy breezy days
Complete with superb sunny rays
Sure, some warm rain will fall
But June’s delights never stall.

Summer Treats

There are many summer treats
For those hard-working athletes
Running and exercising so hard
Even folks working in their yard.

Is ice cream the favorite treat
Sought after any summer feat?
Perhaps, so many cool flavors
Deliver refreshing summer favors.

Popsicles are another cool treat
Perfect after a run minus defeat
Popsicles last longer and are fuel
Hitting the spot after that run duel.

Iced tea and soda are a cool treat
Over ice and sipped, just so neat
Iced coffee is a growing cool rage
Enjoyed by kids of every age.

June brings warmer summer days
So athletes look for cool ways
Or treats after a summer workout
And these work without a doubt.

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