November’s Outlook

By George A. Hancockrunnergah@comcast.net November’s 30-day run begins on a Tuesday this year. We have reached autumn’s last month. A month where daylight is disappearing. Our daylight hours are shrinking. We welcome any and all daylight. Yet, we’re aware the… Read More ›

Rambling Roads: Autumn Runs

By George A. Hancockrunnergah@comcast.net  Thursday, September 1 begins our meteorological autumn season. This seasonal time frame runs from September 1 through November 30. All autumn weather information is noted and recorded during this time. The past several years witnessed warm… Read More ›

Rambling Roads: Weather Tips

By George A. Hancockrunnergah@comcast.net Summer 2022 is on a warm track in numerous regions across our vast country. The Greater Johnstown weather scene in late spring experienced some above average daily temperatures. Lunchtime or early afternoon running was nasty. A/C… Read More ›

Rambling Roads: On A June Run

By George A. Hancock runnergah@comcast.net Wednesday, June 1 begins meteorological summer. Weather forecasters and scientists use this date in order to maintain uniform weather records. Meteorological Summer runs from June 1 through August 31. Most individuals regard the Tuesday, June… Read More ›

Breakthrough Women’s Running

Book review by Karen Mitchell Runners, coaches, book group leaders: We are excited to share this new book by Neely Spence Gracey and Cindy Kuzma. It is beautifully put together with wonderful photos and it’s full of extremely engaging information… Read More ›

Rambling Roads: Spring 2022

by George A. Hancockrunnergah@comcast.net April, our fourth month, begins on a Friday. We are now 90 some days into our new year. We have entered 2022’s second quarter. Our year is moving along at a constant pace. Hopefully, you are… Read More ›

Training Tips For Seniors

By Sal Citarella Recently, renowned Coach G. Howid Hurtz, of Gopher County Community College and The Gopher It Running Club, gave a presentation at the Seniors’ Center to help us older folks remain fit and active. His talk was aimed… Read More ›

Rambling Roads: March 2022

By George A. Hancockrunnergah@comcast.net March 1 is a Tuesday this year. Meteorological spring begins on this day. Weather scientists and meteorologists seek a uniform time frame to record spring weather records. Thus, meteorological spring runs from March 1 through May… Read More ›