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The adventure continues…our new website has been fun to work on. Karen Mitchell and I, two tech novices, made it happen.

I’ve always felt that learning by doing is the best way figure something out. When I started running, in the “dark ages” of 1978, we didn’t read books. We went out and ran. Questions about shoes and apparel, for example, were answered by experienced runners. Granted, it was much less complicated then, but we learned as we ran. We tested our bodies and learned from our mistakes and our successes.

Same with technology. Karen visited for a day and we figured things out together. And after that, we talked, texted, and emailed. We asked questions of more experienced tech people. And voila! RG’s new website was born.

People are finding us and since we are using the same domain name, new and old readers are enjoying our posts. And Karen and I are enjoying working together. Clay and Karen’s wonderful photos enhance every race post. Long-time RG writers are also contributing and our calendar is updated often.

We welcome submissions. Race articles, calendar listings, feature stories… same as our print version. works to contact me and both Karen and I can be contacted using the Contact Us page our by the info under “Meet the Staff.”

Recently, I received a letter (the USPS kind!) from Laura Grigull. Laura, and her late husband Al, were long-time subscribers and Al contributed race articles.

Al loved to run and even when he was sick, he raced and enjoyed every minute.

Laura wrote, “Thank you, Freddi, for your newspaper and your many contributions to the sport of running. Thank you, too, for reading this short memorial to my husband, Joachim “Al” Grigull. May you be well and continue to enjoy running  as long as you like.”

I had tears as I read Laura’s words. I’ve said it often, that RG and its readers are like family. I have a feeling Al is running as he looks down on all of us and smiles.

Long-time Broad Street Run race director Jim Marino retired a few weeks ago from the Philly Department of Parks and Recreation. Jim was also race director of the Philly Marathon, 8K, and Half the last few years, and was a fixture at the Mummers Parade on New Year’s Day. I wish Jim the best as he begins a new adventure. He told me that he is planning his next phase in our sport in the coming months.

Jim, you are one heckuva nice guy and it has been a pleasure to work with you. You’ve been an important part of the RG family. Keep strutting your stuff!

March 18, 2019

New Beginnings

by Freddi Carlip

Make way for RG‘s new website, via WordPress.  We are working to get the new site up and running as quickly as we can.  Freddi Carlip, RG‘s editor/publisher and RG photographer Karen Mitchell are collaborating on this exciting project!

You’ll see RG‘s contributors and writers, our calendar, Poets’ Corner, race results and stories, From Freddi, and lots of photos by Clay Shaw and Karen Mitchell.

We promise that you won’t be disappointed!

Come back and visit often to see our progress.

November 26, 2018

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