May 2021

by George A. Hancock

May’s View

Fragrant colors are May’s view
As spring prepares her adieu
Soon we welcome summer days
Complete with perfect sunny rays.

The rain and sun create lush green
Along this runner’s roadside scene
Foliage sprouts amidst those trees
Shading any warm running sprees.

Spring flowers dot our grounds
Mother Nature made her rounds
Spreading scenic beauty in places
Sure to create more happy faces.

The late May sun feels so warm
So outside the local folks swarm
Enjoying this delicious weather
Staying safe, yet being together.

May’s view is always first rate
Our late spring just feels great
And many smile as summer days
Await all with even more forays.

Green Trees

Running for months along roads
Featuring bare-tree episodes
Is OK during winter’s long run
But now it’s time for spring fun.

Warm temps and the spring sun
Mean new growth not done
Plus, spring’s rain helps out too
Creating a neat roadside view.

Greening trees along my road
Are not difficult to decode
Seasonal factors are in play
With green trees on display.

These new trees offer shade
Cooling any sweaty run parade
And are home to many critters
Giving a few runners the jitters.

Green trees also offer a view
That keeps many out of the stew
Since seasons last only so long
Embrace them and run along.

May’s Green Ridges

During winter the ridges are bare
As we complete our run with care
Running nearby they stand stark
As the winds slap their brown bark.

Now May creates green ridges for us
In a manner, a pattern without a fuss
Daily, runners view the spreading green
Steadily producing a majestic scene.

Each day, the green foliage grows
Filling in those tree-lined rows
Of what were once stark trees
Now a rich green and they please.

My runs are in a suburban place
And do create a very happy face
I also run on some rural roads
Appreciating those May episodes.

We have four months of perfect green
As background or a roadside screen
It’s eye candy for the running crowd
Running past trees standing proud.

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