Poets’ Corner

May 2019
Finally, May is here
Let’s utter a cheer
The snow is gone
We see our lawn!
Winter stays too long
We need more birdsong
And a bright early dawn
Hmm, is winter really gone?
Now, if when you read this
It’s snowing then please hiss
May snow is out of bounds
As we make our road rounds.
Memorial Day is summer season
And do we need another reason
For a vacation and driving away
On or before that May 27 day?
Yes, May, 2019 is welcomed back
By many including the road pack
Finally we enjoy spring weather
While strolling along green heather.
                    George A. Hancock

Spring Cleanup
Wow, look at all those bags
Filled full and some with tags
Other trash is stacked beside
Picked up, harvested with pride.
April and May see road projects
Where full bags are the subjects
Various groups clean the roads
Insuring many trash-free episodes.
This road trash is really incredible
And for most critters never edible
If not picked up, it just stays there
Decaying slowly and creating despair.
I run along SR 160 for several miles
Trotting past bags with big smiles
Thank you for cleaning this road
Those many bags are a truckload.
The tires and trash are again gone
Spring cleanup is never a road con
Maybe one day there’s less work
With trash-free roads a nice perk!
                 George A. Hancock
Ah, May is now warm
And outside folks swarm
Running along the road
Enjoying a spring episode.
The daily runner again smiles
Since the sun warms his miles
Gone are the icy cold forays
That dominated winter days.
We cleaned and stored the gear
That dispels most winter fear
Now dressed in Tee and shorts
We enjoy our running sports.
May’s wind is a gentle breeze
And we run along quite at ease
The sun drenches our road scene
Now colored with a lusher green.
More folks are up and outside
Truly enjoying May’s spring ride
This runner smiles and runs on
Viewing a delightful spring dawn.
               George A. Hancock
April 2019
The year is moving along
While spring grows strong
More green spreads out
Across my warmer route.
April’s drier roads a plus
Without ice there’s no fuss
Soon even this anti-skid
Is removed from our grid.
Easter arrives on April 21
Will the sun shine a ton?
Or will that dreaded snow
Create a wintry show?
Can a runner outrun a tax?
A question burning in wax
Of course, many get a refund
And spend it or save to a fund.
Running now on any April day
See more sun than that gray
That populated a winter day
And that sight earns a Hooray!
             George A. Hancock
      More Rain
You heard that old refrain
About the end of April rain
April showers bring May flowers
That bloom by the spring hours.
Now running in the spring rain
Is generally warmer so no pain
As with an Arctic wintry blast
That slows us from running fast.
However, we’re seeing more rain
So those areas in the floodplain
Become dangerous to run through
Run weather-aware or bid adieu!
Four years of above average rain
Have drenched our local plane
I often run by uprooted trees
On many long-distance sprees.
We need time to slowly dry out
In many areas on my road route
A rain balance is what we need
 If not weather aware, take heed!
           George A. Hancock
April 21 is Easter Sunday
For many a religious day
For others candy on the way
Still more family dinners are OK.
Easter and spring go together
They bring us this green heather
Our greening road scene is nice
Get outside is always solid advice.
A later Easter is a happy thing
The songbirds are known to sing
About these days devoted to spring
With sun, warm temps, and zing.
Sure, April snow could fall
But, we still road run tall
Mother Nature’s on a course
And winter folks feel remorse.
Did I mention the Easter candy?
Chocolate bunnies are so handy
A bite or two after a spring run
Is really delicious Easter fun.
George A. Hancock
     March 2019
Have you seen green clover?
Winter’s record days are over
Meteorological spring’s here
Let’s utter a thankful cheer!
Of course, fresh snow will fall
Perhaps even drift very tall
But time is again on our side
Get outside, no need to hide.
March brings nice spring days
And cold, it’s a seasonal phase
The March winds bring change
The road view is never strange.
The daily roadster views a scene
Steadily growing a rich green
Sometimes a morning run is raw
Complete with a very cold paw.
March is my birthday and spring
Now we hear those birds sing
They chirp and warble a song
About warm days growing long.
             George A. Hancock
March brings us spring days
Often with warm sunny rays
Even the March rain is warm
And outdoors folks will swarm.
The woodland critters now move
Spring creates a perfect groove
They bustle and scurry about
 Along our March road route.
The birds have also flown back
These critters have the knack
Of knowing when winter’s done
And when to enjoy spring fun.
The warm sun melts the snow
Soon creating a green show
The sun, rain, and warmer days
Earn from many seasonal praise.
We bid winter a firm adieu
Only a few cry a boo-hoo
It’s time we move along
Winter’s stay is always long.
         George A. Hancock
      Road Shale
Running on untreated roads
Creates miserable episodes
Those icy spots are very slick
The untreated ice grows thick.
Road shale is spread down
By trucks all around town
Also road salt is used too
But it brings a big boo-hoo.
Salt is a corrosive agent spread
On roads, but with great dread
Salt will eat materials away
Despite its good on a snowy day.
So, shale or cinders are in play
During an icy snowstorm day
Shale provides traction thrills
Avoiding those upsetting spills.
Shale remains after the snow melt
Sweeping it is a chore we’re dealt
Soon the machines sweep it up
Allowing us to run like a pup.
                 George A. Hancock
February 2019
February’s a shorter run
Sometimes with nice sun
More often with white snow
By now a dreaded late show.
Old Phil gave us his view
And many hurled a shoe
Disrespecting his forecast
That leaves half aghast.
Valentine’s Day is here
Each new year with less cheer
President’s Day is the same
Holiday for a few is the game.
We all celebrate more light
Daylight really now takes flight
Despite the cold, the light’s nice
Now we can see that tricky ice.
Quickly February’s run is gone
We’re viewing a March dawn
A new season is at the door
With a warmer weather score.
                George A. Hancock
February is a short run
Blink and it’s all done
28 days never last long
It’s a very simple song.
It’s the last winter run
Goodbye to snowy fun
Some see March snow
But it’s a spring show.
Crows are active now
Their caw earns a wow
Crows know garbage day
Those bags hold food pay.
Stores hold spring sales
They’re coming in gales
Maybe new running shoes
Will end those wintry blues.
Increased daylight is great
Dark running slows the gait
Fully viewing the road scene
Helps us see spring green.
       George A. Hancock
  Gentle Snow
A blizzard if it’s ice scream
Is more of what folks dream
A blizzard in blinding snow
Is never a fun February show.
'Ya know by winter’s end
Folks look around the bend
They want a warmer spring
Weather with a sunny zing.
Any gentle fluffy snow is nice
Not dark days of frozen ice
Or wind driven drifting snow
That makes running very slow.
Each season is only so long
Is my persistent road song
Sometimes winter will stay
Creating a miserable road fray.
A light dusting on the grass
Is great without the harass
It’s time, we need to move on
We want that spring dawn.
       George A. Hancock
A new RG has come to town,
It’ll make you smile, and
Erase that frown.
Our own Mz. Freddi
Has done her proud.
She’ll attract new eyes, and
A whole new crowd.
With stories and poems and
Race results, too,
With pictures galore of
Runners like you.
I have just one problem,
With no smart phone,
I won’t be able to read it
On the porcelain throne!
                 Sal Citarella
December Roads
The morning run is dark
Daylight is not on my lark
We see December’s delights
Thanks to several street lights.

Sometimes the morning’s cold
So only a few seek the gold
Found in running every day
The road sights are great pay.

Christmas displays are in place
Creating for me a happy face
Dazzling lights, Christmas things
Are perfect as the wind flings.

And yes, sometimes the snow
Falls creating a seasonal show
That on a quiet morning thrills
Our road crew beating the chills.

The December roads are nice
Excluding that nasty black ice
Warm spells the past few years
Has lessened weather fears.
George A. Hancock

Christmas Cookies
Christmas cookies are great
But they do suffer a sad fate
My wife bakes them small
So, we tend to eat them all.

The cookies are a sweet treat
And thrills this road athlete
Chewing them without guilt
Is part of the Christmas quilt.

There are so many great types
All deserving the holiday hypes
Even the road-running rookie
Appreciates a Christmas cookie.

Of course, savor them over time
Eating them all is a Christmas crime
Eating these cookies on a January day
Does help that winter gray go away.

Hooray! It’s Christmas cookie time
Often heralded in song and rhyme
Yes, please have one after your run
Like me here in the morning sun.
George A. Hancock
December Snow
The weather changes into snow
Now we find a different show
It’s early before the traffic flow
And this snow emits a faint glow.

Maybe this early December snow
Is special, do we really know?
Fresh snow near twinkling lights
Adds plenty to our Christmas sights.

Motorists forget that their car
Speeding will not travel very far
New snow lacks good traction
Sliding away is a distraction.

December snow is pretty inside
But outside a tricky road ride
This guy dons his winter spikes
And runs along minus the Yikes!

Often December’s snow scene
Completely covers our green
But lately it never lasts long
Despite that Christmas song.
George A. Hancock

Rambling Roads: A Christmas Wish
By George A. Hancock

Once again we turn the page
And find December’s stage
Our last 2018 month is here
Many will utter a loud cheer.

This was a very raucous year
So many events made us jeer
And we lost so many friends
The Good Byes are sad trends.

Mother Nature was a force
Her storms were on course
Locally, so much rain fell
That mold began to smell.

The creeks flowed very high
Earning another loud sigh
Some topped their banks
Yep, local flooding ranks.

And then autumn was warm
And outside people swarm
Are these summer days?
We asked beneath the rays.

Autumn remained very green
Gone was that colorful scene
Runners eye along the road
While relishing fall’s episode.

Toss in that mid-term election
And many folks seek protection
From the awful rancid words
Hurled by the campaign herds.

Finally it’s the Christmas season
Now we have a great reason
To get outside and explore
Fabulous lights beyond our door.

Despite the lack of white snow
We find a perfect Christmas show
In many communities, in the parks
Nicely decorated for our road larks.

Christmas is hectic but also calm
This season is a soothing balm
For our twisted, tortured souls
Just like our daily road strolls.

So, what is our Christmas wish?
A delicious mouthwatering dish?
A double chocolate mint cookie?
Or a getaway maybe work hooky?

No, our Christmas wish is simple
Designed to please a facial dimple
We need a TIME OUT here and now
So, please stow your petty scowl.

Well, what do you mean TIME OUT?
Isn’t that for kids after a loud rout?
Well duh, this is what we mean
Many people created a bad scene.

Many have stopped sharing, caring
Their nasty words so overbearing
They uttered words plainly cruel
Yes, it’s time for many to refuel.

And Christmas is the perfect time
To stop, pause before this crime
Of malicious hate becomes a fate
Considered by many as first rate.

Yes, Peace and Goodwill thrill
Steadily erasing this cold chill
We need kindness all year long
Often repeated in Christmas song.

Many homes are decorated in lights
Creating so many endless delights
The blustery cold morning is gone
With dazzling display lights at dawn.

Despite daylight shrinking these days
Christmas decorations provide displays
Of brilliant, cheerful illuminating light
That daily electrify our running flight.

I noticed while running, a friendly wave
Plus a smile makes many folks behave
Many motorists will wave and honk
Dispelling for a time our political zonk.

It’s OK to disagree on various things
That’s normal but this rancor stings
Civility is a quality never out of style
Even in a packed Christmas store aisle.

I have a simple Christmas season wish
Please dial back the words on your dish
A Time Out soothes the weary soul
And refreshes those on a Christmas stroll.

A Time Out is a perfect Christmas gift
Because our passing days are swift
Soon we’re back to the daily grind
And once again many are snow blind.

December 2018 steadily slipped away
As the runner enjoys his morning foray
It’s cold, windy but the roads are dry
The runner ponders and asks why?
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