Rambling Roads: Spring 2022

by George A. Hancockrunnergah@comcast.net April, our fourth month, begins on a Friday. We are now 90 some days into our new year. We have entered 2022’s second quarter. Our year is moving along at a constant pace. Hopefully, you are… Read More ›

Poet’s Corner, April 2022

by George A. Hancock Green April’s color is greenAcross our road sceneGreen buds sproutAlong every road route. Our spring season is hereThe growing weather nearCreating delightful sightsAs our runs take flights. Running in lighter gearMinus that wintry fearIs a plus… Read More ›

Training Tips For Seniors

By Sal Citarella Recently, renowned Coach G. Howid Hurtz, of Gopher County Community College and The Gopher It Running Club, gave a presentation at the Seniors’ Center to help us older folks remain fit and active. His talk was aimed… Read More ›