Sullivan and Kosimbei Win 2022 (49th) Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10-Mile Run

By Clay Shaw

Washington, DC, April 3, 2022—Susanna Sullivan of Reston, VA had “that look” that she was determined and focused, right from the start. No USA woman had won the CUCB in 25 years, until Nell Rojas won the Fall 2021 race. Now twice in seven months an American woman has won this prestigious event.  Sullivan, a 5th grade teacher, clocked 52:32.  She broke away from the five-woman pack at mile five, and ran alone through Hains Point.  Sullivan triple-dipped with the overall, USA, and RRCA Road Scholar-Run Pro Camp Development awards.  The unsponsored athlete earned $14,500.  (Colleen De Reuck, running for South Africa in 1998, still holds the event record of 51:16 dating back to that year.)

Carrie Verdon of Boulder, CO was second in 52:37.  Paige Stoner of Charlottesville, VA was third in 52:38.  Sarah Pagano of Boston, MA was fourth in 52:46.  Kim Conley of Flagstaff, AZ was fifth in 53:40.

Annmarie Kirkpatrick of Fort Collins, CO was top master in 57:27.

Nicholas Kosimbei of Kenya, who won the Atlanta Half-Marathon in pouring rain on Feb 27 in 1:00:37, easily won the 2022 Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile run in 45:15  Kosimbei, the 2014 World Junior bronze medalist, tied the CUCB event record of Allan Kiprono set in 2012.  Kosimbei is represented by the Marin County Track Club.  Kosimbei stated, “My style is to lead early and never look back.”

Wilfred Kimitei of Kenya was second in 45:43. Shadrack Kimining of Kenya was third in 45:48.

Futsum Zienasellassie of Flagstaff, AZ was fourth and first USA citizen in 46:53.  Reid Buchanan of San Diego was fifth in 46:57.  A strong contingent of USA runners earned cash in top ten, and top USA categories

14,637 finishers in 2022. 8323 women, and 6314 men.

Top Women

  1. 52:32 Susanna Sullivan, 31, Reston, VA
  2. 52:37 Carrie Verdon, 28, Boulder, CO
  3. 52:38 Paige Stoner, 26, Charlottesville, VA
  4. 52:46 Sarah Pagano, 30, San Diego, CA
  5. 53:40 Kim Conley, 36, Flagstaff, AZ
  6. 53:55 Molly Bookmyer, 31, Columbus, OH
  7. 54:11 Katja Goldring, 31, Flagstaff, AZ
  8. 54:20 Taylor Tuttle, 25, Boulder, CO
  9. 54:23 Elaina Tabb, 30, Boston, MA
  10. 54:32 Elena Hayday, 22, Bethesda, MD
  11. 54:48 Rosie Edwards, 33, Great Britain
  12. 54:50 Molly Culver, 31, Richmond, VA
  13. 55:29 Stephanie Twell, 32, Great Britain
  14. 55:42 Lexi Zeis, 25, Boulder, CO
  15. 55:53 Julia Griffey, 29, Flagstaff, AZ
  16. 56:26 Allie Schaich, 29, Lakewood, CO
  17. 56:38 Bridget Belyeu, 34, Newman, GA
  18. 56:54 Maura Knestout, 29, Sykesville, MD
  19. 57:27 Annmarie Kirkpatrick, 40, Fort Collins, CO
  20. 57:29 Michelle Vaccaro, 24, Cambridge, MA

Top Men

  1. 45:15 Nicholas Kosimbei, 25, Kenya
  2. 45:43 Wilfred Kimitei, 37, Kenya
  3. 45:48 Shadrack Kimining, 26, Kenya
  4. 46:53 Futsum Zienasellassie, 29, Flagstaff, AZ
  5. 46:57 Reid Buchanan, 29, San Diego, CA
  6. 47:29 Lawi Lalang, 30, Colorado Springs, CO
  7. 47:32 Brogan Austin, 30, Longmont, CO
  8. 47:41 Diego Estrada, 32, Flagstaff, AZ
  9. 48:11 Joel Reichow, 28, White Bear Lake, MN
  10. 48:47 Zach Herriott, 28, Washington, DC
  11. 48:58 Tom Slattery, 26, Alexandria, VA
  12. 49:01 Max McNeill, 28, Arlington, VA
  13. 49:07 Cody Baele, 26, Des Moines, IA
  14. 49:14 Eduardo Garcia, 29, Guatemala
  15. 49:17 Caleb Kerr, 28, Zionsville, IN
  16. 49:22 Brian Rich, 27, Washington, DC
  17. 49:28 Harrison Toney, 28, Richmond, VA
  18. 49:31 Garret Lee, 29, Littleton, CO
  19. 49:50 William McGovern, 24, Brookline, MA
  20. 50:35 Michael Babinec, 27, Durham, NC
Susanna Sullivan of Reston, VA savors the win in 52:32.
Susanna Sullivan of Reston, VA enjoys the overall win in 52:32 and first USA.
Paige Stoner (3rd, 52:38), Susanna Sullivan (1st, 52:32), and Carrie Verdon (2nd, 52:37) made it a USA sweep of the podium.
Nicholas Kosimbei of Kenya leads the elite men across the Arlington Memorial Bridge on his way to winning the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run.
Susanna Sullivan #22 of Reston, VA leads on the Memorial Bridge. Molly Bookmyer #30, Kim Conley #14, Sarah Pagano #10, Paige Stoner #18, and Carrie Verdon also race toward Virginia.
Nicholas Kosimbei of Kenya takes the early lead (and never looked back), on the Memorial Bridge.
Nicholas Kosimbei of Kenya tied the event record of 45:35 with his victory.
Futsum Zienasellassie of Flagstaff, AZ was fourth overall and first USA in 46:53.
Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Miler elite men/wave one start.
2022 CUCB 10 Miler, RRCA Road Scholar-Run Pro Camp Development award winners. From left, Futsum Zienasellasie, Reid Buchanan, Brogan Austin, Susanna Sullivan, Katja Goldring, and Lexi Zeis.
Emma van Wagoner of Rockville, MD leads a group of runners by the international flags. Her time was 1:06:56.
Abby Dean of Wilmington, DE was top 50-54 in 1:03:09.
Silvia Baage of Rockville, MD was second master with a 1:00:07. Baage was the 2017 winner of the Baltimore Marathon.
Cody Baele of Des Moines, Iowa celebrates with a 49:07 clocking, placing thirteenth.
Lawi Lalang of Colorado Springs, CO was sixth overall and third USA in 47:29.
Lexi Zeis of Boulder, CO was 14th in 55:42. Zeis scored third in the RRCA Road Scholar Awards.
Susanna Sullivan #22 of Reston, VA and Paige Stoner #18 of Charlottesville, VA enjoy a smile during the CUCB 10 Miler
Paige Stoner #18 of Charlottesville, VA pushes the pace around 5K with a Georgetown backdrop.
Susanna Sullivan of Reston, VA and Nicholas Kosimbei of Kenya pose with the CUCB poster as 2022 champions.
Eduardo Garcia of Guatemala was 14th overall in 49:14. Caleb Kerr of Zionsville, IN was 15th in 49:17.
Katie O’Regan of Lititz, PA ran 1:01:39.
Reid Buchanan of San Diego, CA was fifth overall and second USA in 46:57.
Georganne Watson #215 of Lititz, PA runs with Katherine Irgens #232 of Mystic, CT and Sarah Bishop #484 of Fairfax, VA. Watson had a PB of 59:24, as all three women broke the hour mark.
Carter Norbo of Charlottesville, VA placed 27th in 57:59. Michelle Krezonoski of Kingston, Ontario, Canada was 26th in 57:58.

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