Myers and Matherne Win Race Against Racism

By Clay Shaw

YWCA Race Against Racism 5K, Lancaster, PA, April 30, 2022—It’s been almost three full years since a big race took place in Downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  The YWCA Race Against Racism 5K returned to the city streets in a big way with over 2700 registrants.  A very cool band, food trucks on Lime Street, vendors in Musser Park, and great running weather made the RAR return a joyful event. 

Christopher Myers of Lancaster, who ran the Boston Marathon twelve days ago, won in 15:22.  Myers said on his Strava account: “Legs felt surprisingly smooth.  Lungs were burning.  Definitely not an easy course. Happy with this!”

Josh Sadlock of Harrisburg was second in 15:28.  Omari Daughtridge of Fort Washington, MD was third in 15:43, after leading for nearly two miles.  Ty Stump of Camp Hill was fourth in 15:52. Alex Pearson of Hummelstown was fifth in 15:52.  Evan Sandt of Conestoga, 52, led the masters in 18:45.

Zoe Matherne of Wilmington, Delaware won with a final surge to the finish line, in 17:38.  Katie O’Regan of Lititz, the 2017 Race Against Racism champ, battled the entire way and finished second in 17:43.  Rachel Rowe of Hummelstown was third in 18:38.  Julie Halteman of Elizabethtown was fourth in 19:06. Leah Maher of New Providence was fifth in 19:10.  Holly Nash of Elizabethtown was top master in 22:22.

Some very remarkable senior times worth noting were Walter Newcomer, 66, of Manheim in 20:14. Mimi Newcomer, 63, of Lancaster in 22:54, Les Bell, 75, of York in 24:18, Heidi Moebius, 83, of Lancaster in 32:00, and Bob Horst, 91, of Lancaster in 47:05. 

Top Women

  1. 17:38 Zoe Matherne, 25, Wilmington, DE
  2. 17:43 Katie O”Regan, 37, Lititz, PA
  3. 18:39 Rachel Rowe, 28, Hummelstown, PA
  4. 19:06 Julie Halteman, 29, Elizabethtown, PA
  5. 19:10 Leah Mayer, 30, New Providence, PA
  6. 19:16 Becca Johnson, 27, Lancaster, PA
  7. 19:36 Sarah Jordan, 35, Lancaster, PA
  8. 20:10 Rebecca Doner, 32, Mt Wolf, PA
  9. 20:46 Priscilla Mussa, 37, Lancaster, PA
  10. 20:49 Bryanna Urban, 25, Lititz, PA15

Top Men

  1. 15:22 Christopher Myers, 24, Lancaster, PA
  2. 15:28 Josh Sadlock, 32, Harrisburg, PA
  3. 15:43 Omari Daughtridge, 35, Fort Washington, MD
  4. 15:52 Ty Stump, 31, Camp Hill, PA
  5. 16:10 Alex Pearson, 36, Hummelstown, PA
  6. 16:38 Peter Weida, 29, Lancaster, PA
  7. 16:48 Scott Roth, 38, Lancaster, PA
  8. 16:55 William Murray, 29, Lancaster, PA
  9. 17:33 Eric Denlinger, 25, Lancaster, PA
  10. 17:57 Hunter Gehman, 17, Mt Joy, PA
It’s been a long wait. No races in Downtown Lancaster in 2020 or 2021.
Josh Sadlock 2323, Alex Pearson, Christopher Myers 7, and Ty Stump 2375 chase Omari Daughtridge (not pictured) who took a large lead early in the race.
A Steve Urkel sighting in the Race Against Racism 5K start.
Zoe Matherne of Wilmington, DE gets the win in 17:38, after a battle with 2017 champ Katie O’Regan of Lititz, who ran 17:43.
Top five women: Zoe Matherne, Katie O’Regan, Rachel Rowe, Julie Halteman, and Leah Mayer.
Christopher Myers earns the win with a tough run up the Franklin Street hills. Josh Sadlock is second.
Josh Sadlock of Harrisburg placed second in 15:28.
Omari Daughtridge of Fort Washington, MD placed third in 15:43.
Becky Doner of Mt Wolf, PA runs 20:10, twelve days after a PB at the Boston Marathon.
Walter Newcomer of Manheim, PA runs 20:14. He’s 66 and fit!
Karen and Kelly Hendricks of Mechanicsburg, enjoy a post-race photo.
Heidi Moebius, 83, of Lancaster, PA rocks a 32:00.
Runners of all ages sporting the Race Against Racism shirts.

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