Chebet and Jepchirchir Win 2022 Boston Marathon

By Clay Shaw and Karen Mitchell

Boston, MA, April 18, 2022, 126th Boston Marathon—Evans Chebet of Kenya won the 2022 Boston Marathon in 2:06:51, in the eighth fastest time in Boston Marathon history. Chebet took off from the pack at 35k and never looked back.  CJ Albertson of Fresno, CA who led the 2021 Boston Marathon for 20 miles, tried the same strategy this year. However, the other athletes covered his front-running moves each time.  The race, which has not been run on the normal spring date in 1099 days, had the deepest elite men’s field in years.  The surging, and covering of each move, and the talent depth made the race very fast.  Lawrence Cherono of Kenya, the 2019 champion,  was second in 2:07:21.  Benson Kipruto of Kenya, the 2021 champion, was third in 2:07:27.  Gabriel Geay of Tanzania was fourth in 2:07:53.  Eric Kiptanui of Kenya was fifth in 2:08:47.  The USA was led by Scott Fauble of Flagstaff who had a 2:08:52 PB and placed seventh.  Fauble went through halfway a minute back of the leaders in 22nd place, and ran equal splits.  Elkanah Kibet of Colorado Springs had a 2:09:07 PB and was ninth.  CJ Albertson of Fresno, CA ran 2:10:23 for 13th in the deep field.

Peres Jepchirchir of Kenya became the first athlete to have won Boston, New York, and the Olympic Marathon.  It was not easy, as she had a duel with seven lead changes with Ababel Yeshaneh of Ethiopia.  Jepchirchir won in 2:21:01.  Yeshaneh of Ethiopia was second in 2:21:05 in a most thrilling race to the finish.  Mary Ngugi of Kenya was third in 2:21:32. Edna Kiplagat of Kenya, at age 42, set a masters record and finished fourth in 2:21:40.  Kiplagat was the 2017 Boston Marathon champion.  Monicah Ngige of Kenya was fifth in 2:22:13. 

Nell Rojas of Boulder, CO set a new PB of 2:25:57 as she led the USA women and was tenth overall.  Stephanie Rothstein Bruce of Flagstaff, AZ ran 2:28:02 and second USA woman.  Desiree Linden of Charlevoix, Michigan was third USA in 2:28:47.  Des, of course, was the 2018 Boston champion.

It was 53 degrees at the start, with some significant head wind in the second half.  24,918 athletes crossed the Boylston Street finish line.

In the pro wheelchair race, it was Daniel Romanchuk of Champaign, IL winning in 1:26:58. Romanchuk won the 2019 Boston Marathon.  Aaron Pike, also of Champaign, was second in 1:32:49.  Johnboy Smith of Great Britain was third in 1:32:55.

Manuela Schar of Switzerland had another Boston strong win with a 1:41:08. It was Schar’s fourth Boston win.  Susannah Scaroni of Urbana, IL was second in 1:46:20.  Madison De Rozario of Australia was third in 1:52:48.

Top Women

  1. 2:21:01 Peres Jepchirchir, 28, Kenya
  2. 2:21:05 Ababel Yeshaneh, 30, Ethiopia
  3. 2:21:32 Mary Ngugi, 33, Kenya
  4. 2:21:40 Edna Kiplagat, 42, Kenya
  5. 2:22:13 Monicah Ngige, 28, Kenya
  6. 2:23:47 Viola Cheptoo, 33, Kenya
  7. 2:24:43 Joyciline Jepkosgei, 28, Kenya
  8. 2:25:23 Degitu Azimeraw, 23, Ethiopia
  9. 2:25:26 Charlotte Purdue, 30, Great Britain
  10. 2:25:57 Nell Rojas, 34, Boulder, CO
  11. 2:27:58 Malindi Elmore, 42, Canada
  12. 2:28:02 Stephanie Rothstein-Bruce, 38, Flagstaff, AZ
  13. 2:28:47 Desiree Linden, 38, Charlevoix, MI
  14. 2:29:55 Dakota Lindwurm, 26, St Francis, MN
  15. 2:30:42 Bria Wetsch, 33, Broomfield, CO
  16. 2:31:34 Elaina Tabb, 30, Pittsburgh, PA
  17. 2:31:53 Maegan Krifchin, 34, Marietta, GA
  18. 2:34:54 Kathy Derks, 27, Menasha, WI
  19. 2:35:08 Natasha Wodak, 40, Canada
  20. 2:35:17 Angie Orjuela, 32, Colombia
  21. 2:36:27 Sara Vaughn, 35, Boulder, CO
  22. 2:37:23 Aisling Cuffe, 28, Concord, MA
  23. 2:38:15 Annmarie Tuxbury, 28, Newport, RI
  24. 2:38:26 Kate Bazeley, 38, Canada
  25. 2:38:38 Kayla Lampe, 29, Philadelphia, PA

Top Men

  1. 2:06:51 Evans Chebet, 33, Kenya
  2. 2:07:21 Lawrence Cherono, 33, Kenya
  3. 2:07:27 Benson Kipruto, 31, Kenya
  4. 2:07:53 Gabriel Geay, 25, Tanzania
  5. 2:08:47 Eric Kiptanui, 31, Kenya
  6. 2:08:50 Albert Korir, 28, Kenya
  7. 2:08:52 Scott Fauble, 30, Flagstaff, AZ
  8. 2:08:58 Jemal Yimer, 38, Ethiopia
  9. 2:09:07 Elkanah Kibet, 38, Colorado Springs, CO
  10. 2:09:16 Kinde Atanaw, 29, Ethiopia
  11. 2:09:43 Lemi Berhanu, 27, Kenya
  12. 2:09:44 Bethwell Yegon, 29, Kenya
  13. 2:10:23 CJ Albertson, 28, Fresno, CA
  14. 2:10:35 Matthew McDonald, 28, Cambridge, MA
  15. 2:10:52 Trevor Hofbauer, 30, Canada
  16. 2:10:54 Reed Fischer, 27, Boulder, CO
  17. 2:11:48 Mick Iacofano, 27, Boise, ID
  18. 2:11:49 Geoffrey Kamworor, 29, Kenya
  19. 2:12:08 Colin Bennie, 26, Princeton, MA
  20. 2:12:55 Yuki Kawauchi, 35, Japan
  21. 2:13:46 Mike Sayenko, 37, Bothell, WA
  22. 2:14:10 Jerrell Mock, 26, Brighton, MA
  23. 2:14:40 Jonas Hampton, 33, Newtonville, MA
  24. 2:14:48 Ian Butler, 30, Boston, MA
  25. 2:15:08 Paul Hogan, 26, Burlington, MA
Peres Jepchirchir of Kenya (in blue) duels with Ababel Yeshaneh of Ethiopia. Perhaps putting her in a spot of bother? The two dueled to the finish with Jepchirchir getting the 2:21:01 win by four seconds.
Nell Rojas of Boulder, CO was tenth with a 2:25:57 PB and first American at Boston for the second time in a row.
Evans Chebet of Kenya gets his last fluid at 40K on his way to a 2:06:51 and the 2022 Boston Marathon championship.
Mary Ngugi and Edna Kiplagat of Kenya chased the leaders, and did get closer. Ngugi was third in 2:21:32. Kiplagat, 42, was top master (setting a new course masters record) and fourth overall in 2:21:40.
Lawrence Cherono of Kenya is in sprint mode for second place which he earned in 2:07:21. Benson Kipruto, the 2021 champ was third in 2:07:27.
Scott Fauble of Flagstaff, AZ ran a steady pace and earned a PB of 2:08:52. Fauble was seventh overall and top American.
Jordan Tropf of Silver Spring, MD was 40th in 2:24:42. Last October, Tropf ran the Baltimore, Chicago, and Boston marathons on three consecutive days, in an average time of 2:30:30.
Dakotah Lindwurm of St Francis, MN was 14th in 2:29:55.
Des Linden of Charlevoix, MI, the 2018 champion, was 13th and third American with a 2:28:47.
Malindi Elmore of Kelowna, BC, Canada was second master and 11th overall in 2:27:58.
Charlotte Purdue of Great Britain charges up the small hill near the Citgo sign. Purdue was ninth in 2:25:26.
Peres Jepchirchir of Kenya (in blue) dueled with Ababel Yeshaneh of Ethiopia to the finish with Jepchirchir getting the 2:21:01 win by four seconds.
Jonas Hampton of Newtonville, MA was 23rd in 2:14:40.
Matt McDonald of Cambridge, MA was 14th in 2:10:35.
Eric Kiptanui, and Albert Korir of Kenya at the 40K water station. Kiptanui was fifth in 2:08:47, Korir was sixth in 2:08:50.
Stephanie Rothstein Bruce of Flagstaff, AZ in her last pro-level Boston, ran 2:28:02 to place 12th and second American.
Viola Cheptoo of Kenya was 6th in 2:23:47.
Monicah Ngige of Kenya finished fifth in 2:22:13.
Yuki Kawauchi of Japan, the 2018 champion, was 20th in the 2022 very fast field, in 2:12:55.
Mick Iacofano of Boise, Idaho was 17th in 2:11:48.
CJ Albertson of Fresno, CA was 13th in 2:10:23.
Elkanah Kibet of Colorado Springs, CO was 9th in 2:09:07, earning him a PB and second American.
Gabriel Geay of Tanzania was fourth in 2:07:53.
Kayla Lampe of Philadelphia finished 25th with a PB of 2:38:38.
Kate Bazeley of Canada finished 24th in 2:38:26, and Annmarie Tuxbury of Newport, RI had a PB of 2:38:15.
Aisling Cuffe of Concord, MA ran 2:37:23 in her first marathon.
Elaina Tabb of Pittsburgh, PA was 16th in 2:31:34.
Bria Wetsch of Broomfield, CO was 15th in 2:30:42.

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  1. Thank you, Clay and Karen, for your wonderful coverage of Boston. The photos are terrific and your recaps, too. Our readers will love it all!


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