Poet’s Corner, April 2022

by George A. Hancock


April’s color is green
Across our road scene
Green buds sprout
Along every road route.

Our spring season is here
The growing weather near
Creating delightful sights
As our runs take flights.

Running in lighter gear
Minus that wintry fear
Is a plus earning a smile
On our spring road mile.

Fragrant green’s the norm
After a spring rainstorm
The roads remain wet
But we run without fret.

Green buds spread out
And now we don’t doubt
Green has taken over
Turning brown into clover.


April means lots of shale
On the roads can curtail
Activities on a road bike
And maybe a run or hike.

Cleanup’s an expensive price
But the end result is always nice
Running shale-free roads is great
Better traction and no spill fate.

Speeding vehicles toss the shale
At runners or across the dale
I’m often hit by car-flung shale
It stings without bloody detail.

State roads are cleaned the best
Sweepers remove that tiny pest
Many local roads are left alone
The total bill creates a moan.

Heavy rains will wash it away
Or add more for the run day
Removing it is the only thing
Hopefully soon this April spring.

April 2022

April is Easter and spring time
Plus the end to winter’s grime
Our roadside springs to life
Easing the mileage strife.

Our fourth month grows green
Coloring our daily road scene
Vegetation and nearby yards
Produce views in high regard.

More daylight is a spring thing
Warm sunlight a grand bling
Running in lighter road clothes
As winter memories decompose.

Beautiful daffodils soon appear
In delightful colors held dear
Green, yellow, and bright white
Are always an April road delight.

Soon, our lawns begin to grow
And hedges bloom in a tight row
It’s April’s life out on the run
Often beneath the spring sun.

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