Sybel and Rizzo Win 2022 Garden Spot

By Clay Shaw

New Holland, PA, March 26, 2022, Garden Spot Half Marathon—One of my favorite races, we ran the inaugural Garden Spot Marathon in 2009.  It has now transitioned into a boutique half marathon, with a companion low-key 10k. In the past we have earned four “Road Apple” plaques from doing both Garden Spot Half-Marathon and the Bird-In-Hand Half Marathon.  The events start ten miles apart, and their courses overlap slightly in a few places.  This year runners from 14 states made New Holland a destination for this unique course.  541 finished the half marathon, and another 184 did the companion 10k. 

Madelena Rizzo of Wyncote, PA who was second in 2021, earned first in the women’s race this year with a 1:29:55.  Meg Griffith of Manheim, PA also moved up on the podium from third in 2021 to second in 2022 with a 1:32:30.  Carol Wittlied-Weber of Media, PA was third in 1:34:47 and for Runner’s Gazette editorial purposes was also the first master.  Falon Doutrich of Gap, PA was fourth in 1:37:23.  Amy Reed of York, PA was fifth in 1:37:47.

Ramsey Sybel of East Petersburg, PA won the men’s race in 1:20:06, running with the lead for most of the race. On Sybel’s Facebook page, he stated “Only took 35 years to get 1st place in something.”  He went on to thank the Garden Spot Village team and their volunteers for their great organization. 

Lyle Stauffer of Ephrata was second in 1:20:07, and for Runner’s Gazette editorial purposes was the first master.  Elmer King of Bird-In-Hand was third in 1:21:17.  Jay McMillan of Columbia, PA was fourth in 1:21:36, as the Franklin and Marshall runners were prominent in this event.  Alexander Byrnes of Tunkhannock, PA was fifth in 1:21:54.

Garden Spot Village is a retirement community, and starts their masters categories at 50, while most races start masters at 40. 

See you at Bird-In-Hand, PA on Sept 10.

Top Women

  1. 1:29:55 Madelena Rizzo, 30/34, Wyncote, PA
  2. 1:32:30 Meg Griffith, 30/34, Manheim, PA
  3. 1:34:47 Carol Wittlied-Weber, 40/44, Media, PA
  4. 1:37:23 Falon Doutrich, 30/34, Gap, PA
  5. 1:37:47 Amy Reed, 35/39. York, PA
  6. 1:37:51 Sara Crimmel, 30/34, East Petersburg, PA
  7. 1:39:11 Katelyn Mellinger, 30/34, Paradise, PA
  8. 1:39:40 Denise McMillan, 50/54, Colombia, PA
  9. 1:40:23 Gretchen Stevenson, 35/39, Akron, PA
  10. 1:40:29 Brenda Hodge, 50/54, L:ancaster, PA

Top Men

  1. 1:20:26 Ramsey Sybel, 35/39, East Petersburg, PA
  2. 1:20:27 Lyle Stauffer, 40/44, Ephrata, PA
  3. 1:21:17 Elmer King, 25/29, Bird-In-Hand, PA
  4. 1:21:36 Jay McMillan, 45/49, Columbia, PA
  5. 1:21:54 Alexander Byrnes, 25/29, Tunkhannock, PA
  6. 1:22:39 Timothy Noble, 30/34, Ephrata, PA
  7. 1:24:23 Nick Miguelino, 20/24, Ellicott City, MD
  8. 1:24:45 Parker Adams, 20/24, Harrisburg, PA
  9. 1:25:20 Joshua Chang, 35/39, Timonium, MD
  10. 1:27:17 Mark Hanna, 50/54, Bethlehem, PA
Ramsey Sybel of East Petersburg, PA, running alone in first place, won in 1:20:06.
Madelena Rizzo of Wyncote, PA on her way the GSV win with a 1:29:55.
Meg Griffith of Manheim, PA earns second overall in 1:32:30.
Jay McMillan of Columbia was fourth in 1:21:36. Elmer King of Bird-In-Hand was third in 1:2117.
Sara Crimmel of East Petersburg, PA was seventh in 1:37:51.
Mike Smith of Lebanon, PA easily the first 60-year-old, jumps around at mile 10 on his way to a 1:35:29.
Ben Beiler of Ronks, PA was 14th in 1:28:30.
Anabelle Broadbent of Perkasie, PA was 18th overall in 1:43:46.
Leah Henderson and Carolyn Garisto are enjoying the farmland of Lancaster County during the Garden Spot Village Half Marathon.
Omar and Aaron Stoltzfus of Paradise, PA enjoy the roads in 1:45:57 and 1:46:01.
Denise McMillan of Columbia, PA was eighth in 1:39:40, and was first 50. Gretchen Stevenson of Akron, PA was ninth in 1:40:23.
The undulating Zelfenreich Road as runners head west near the 4-mile point of the Garden Spot Village Half Marathon.

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