Poet’s Corner May 2022

by George A. Hancock

Green Trees 

May gives us green trees 
They shade our road sprees 
Shade is a refreshing thing 
When the sun goes Bing! 

I run near green ridges
They form neat bridges
Out to the next location
As folks view in admiration. 

Green buds appear in spring
Growing steadily with zing
By May showing full leaf
Their stay long, never brief. 

Green trees are a warm sign
Reducing a cold-weather whine
While providing a green view
As the skies stay sunny blue. 

Soon the warm summer season
Will create a great reason
To run near the green trees
Enjoying easier road sprees.


May 2022

Sunday begins May’s run
Tempered by spring sun
Frost is a dwindling choice
Due to our warming voice.

Mother’s Day is a great day
We honor moms and say 
Thank You for all you do
Moms are the family glue.

Running in May is great
Gone is that wintry fate
That slows our road gait
Nature opened her gate. 

Living colors are a daily sight
We view on our road flight
These hues are a visual gift
Missed by those driving swift.

May 2022 is moving along
Accompanied by bird song
May running is so perfect
There’s never a disconnect. 

Living Colors 

Living colors sprout in May
Visible along any highway
Or in the neighboring fields 
As nature increases yields.

The Runner out on the road
Views a colorful May episode 
As do runners on the trail 
Where the colors never fail.

An early morning May run
Beneath that dawning sun
Reveals colors everywhere
Those views beyond compare. 

Of course, we see the green
Covering our roadside screen
Rich green vegetation grows 
Alone or in neat tidy rows. 

Living colors while on the run
Are always pleasant and fun
When viewing at a good pace
They place smiles on your face.

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