Aslan and Phelps Win York Marathon

by Clay Shaw

York, PA, May 15, 2022—Cem Aslan of Camp Hill, 45, won the York Marathon in 2:45:17.  Aslan ran with Jessop Keene of Alexandria, VA for the first half of the race, well ahead of the rest of the field.  In warm and humid conditions, Aslan ran a negative split on his way to the 2022 win.  Keene was second in 2:51:37.

Scott Roth and Jeremy Matula, both of Lancaster and F & M Track Club teammates, ran together. Roth took third in 2:53:21 and Mutula was fourth in 2:53:47.  Matula was pacing Roth to hopefully get a Boston qualifier (yep, that worked out).  Scott Moore of Westminster, MD was fifth and second master in 2:55:28.  Moore was running in third for 25 miles, and then was passed by the F & M guys.  Jake Menchey of York ran 2:56:37 in his first marathon, the day after graduation from York College.

Kara Phelps of Lewisburg, PA won the marathon in 3:04:16.  After an early, early wake-up and a two-hour drive, she discovered she forgot her running shoes.  Patti Stirk came to the rescue with a stockpile of same-size running shoes and living a block away from the start line.   Mary Fuller of Camp Hill was second in 3:10:28.  Talli Ni of New York, NY was third in 3:14:45.  Kim Hunger of Palm Bay, FL was fourth and top master in 3:20:25.  Courtney Woodfield of Newtown, PA was fifth in 3:21:21.

Kudos to Kelly McKinley of York on her 50th marathon; she placed 23rd woman in 3:52:14.

63-year-old Bhasler Sharma came the farthest, from Bangalore, India.  He ran 4:27:33.

75-year-old Ronnie Wong of Catonsville, MD ram 5:24:25.  He has over 350 marathon finishes.

227 total finished the 2022 York Marathon.  Half Marathon on RG is next!

Top Women

  1. 3:04:16 Kara Phelps, 31, Lewisburg, PA
  2. 3:10:27 Mary Fuller, 33, Camp Hill, PA
  3. 3:14:45 Taili Ni, 27, New York, NY
  4. 3:20:25 Kim Hunger, 41, Palm Bay, FL
  5. 3:21:21 Courtney Woodfield, 48, Newtown, PA
  6. 3:23:16 Alexandra Lambert, 31, Chambersburg, PA
  7. 3:26:34 Sarah Wenger, 40, Dallastown, PA
  8. 3:27:20 Amy Reed, 37, York, PA
  9. 3:31:13 Noel McCracken, 38, Sykesville, MD
  10. 3:31:31 Shelby Joslyn, 37, Boiling Springs, PA
  11. 3:33:17 Sofia Godoy, 19, Mechanicsburg, PA
  12. 3:35:13 Kerry Johnson, 43, Mechanicsburg, PA
  13. 3:35:25 Tami Garber, 42, Elizabethtown, PA
  14. 3:37:01 Ann Nieves, 49, Raleigh, NC
  15. 3:39:20 Hannah McCoy, 33, York, PA
  16. 3:39:40 Mikaela Smith, 25, Wernersville, PA
  17. 3:41:44 Minna Singer, 28, Hermitage, TN
  18. 3:42:43 Tiffany Hodum, 34, Hanover, PA
  19. 3:47:50 Cristina Schmehl, 48, Reading, PA
  20. 3:47:52 Karla Longo Gouveia, 44, York, PA

Top Men

  1. 2:45:17 Cem Aslan, 45, Camp Hill, PA
  2. 2:51:37 Jessop Keene, 30, Alexandria, VA
  3. 2:53:21 Scott Roth, 38, Lancaster, PA
  4. 2:53:47 Jeremy Matula, 34, Lancaster, PA
  5. 2:55:28 Steve Moore, 42, Westminster, MD
  6. 2:56:35 Jake Menchey, 24, York, PA
  7. 2:58:07 Joe Marks, 37, Carlisle, PA
  8. 3:00:45 Stephen Decker, 35, New Cumberland, PA
  9. 3:03:29 Michael Dowdy, 37, Ellicott City, MD
  10. 3:05:39 Jonathan Pinkerton, 47, York, PA
  11. 3:06:17 Adam Wytko, 41, Columbia, MD
  12. 3:06:42 Emilio Martinez Balbuena, 57, Bronx, NY
  13. 3:06:53 Arjun Vyas, 29, Mechanicsburg, PA
  14. 3:07:56 Robert Gealy, 52, Collegeville, PA
  15. 3:08:46 Truong Nguyen, 40, Mechanicsburg, PA
  16. 3:10:03 Chad Robson, 38, New Freedom, PA
  17. 3:11:29 James Downey, 47, Marcus Hook, PA
  18. 3:12:11 Brian Battaglia, 39, Laurel, MD
  19. 3:12:50 Robert Young, 28, California, MD
  20. 3:14:27 Michael Miller, 29, New York, NY
Kara Phelps of Lewisburg, PA on her way to winning the York Marathon in 3:04:16.
Kim Hunger of Palm Bay, FL was top master and fourth overall in 3:20:25.
Jessop Keene of Alexandria, VA and Cem Aslan of Camp Hill, PA running south toward Seven Valleys. Keane placed second in 2:51:37 and Aslan won in 2:45:17.
Scott Roth and Jeremy Matula, both of Lancaster and the F & M Track Club, placed third and fourth. Roth 2:53:21 and Matula 2:53:47.
Cem Aslan of Camp Hill, 45, was not only first master, but won the 2022 York Marathon overall in 2:45:17.
Scott Roth of Lancaster wanted a BQ. He got that and a podium finish with a 2:53:21, placing third.
Max Gorelik of Morton, PA wanted to do his annual photo jump, but we moved from near halfway to Mile 25 this year. Max did rock with a 3:31:30 to place 43rd overall.
Tiffany Hodum of Hanover ran 3:42:44 to place 18th.
Mike Ravegum of York, PA said he had a bad day at the office. His 2022 Boston Marathon run was a good day at the office (3:05:23).
Karla Longo Gouveia of York has a great smile at Mile 25 on her way to a 3:47:52, placing 20th.
Amy Sipe of Dallastown, PA truly has Flying Feet at Mile 25 as she placed 28th in 3:55:54. Amy is a regular at the York Marathon each year.
Ying Ford of Clarksburg, MD places first 50-54 in 4:01:06.
Billie Kay Melanson of York, PA wins the 65-69 group in 4:23:56.
Joseph Alfano of Holden, MA ran 3:50:41, representing the Central Mass Striders.
Andrew-Gerard Baddoo of Florham Park, NJ ran 4:05:29.
Chris Hawk of Mechanicsburg ran 4:20:07.
Bhasker Sharma of Bangalore, India finished in 4:27:33. I’m sure he’s the one who travelled the farthest to the York Marathon.
Kalina Emaus of Summit, SD runs 4:28:23, and may be the first runner from South Dakota to compete in the York Marathon.
Riazul Islam of York, PA finished in 4:30:26.
Ronnie Wong of Catonsville, MD, age 75 wins the 70-99 group in 5:24:25. Wong has run over 300 marathons.
Theresia Griffin of Wayne, PA and Keith Straw of Malvern, PA enjoy the final mile of the York Marathon. The pair finished in 4:16:56.
John Crone of Red Lion runs with the USA flag in 4:48:45. David Wood #164 of Abingdon, MD runs with him.
Brooke Sargen of York was 30th in 3:57:04. The former York Suburban runner is 18.
Kelly McKinley of York gets final mile support from Central HS runners on her way to lifetime marathon #50. Kelly was 23rd in 3:52:14.
Khalil Hitt of Suitland, MD with one mile to go, did a 4:26:22.
Minna Singer of Hermitage, TN was 17th in 3:41:44.
Courtney Woodfield of Newtown, PA was fifth overall and second master in 3:21:21.
Sarah Wenger of Dallastown places seventh and third master in 3:26:34. Wenger was the first York County woman.
Mary Fuller of Camp Hill, PA was second in 3:10:28. Fuller had a six minute negative split.
Leigh Cullen #298 of Kennett Square, PA gives a wave and a smile, as Katheen Knott of Ames, IA says hey! The pair finished in 5:26:21.

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