Rambling Roads: Autumn Heat?

By George A. Hancockrunnergah@comcast.net Time’s steady movement flows on. Autumn’s vibrant and majestic season is nearly at its end. Soon, the Christmas season will envelop our days. And then, in the days after that gala event, we prepare for a… Read More ›

Gerstenbacher and Dean Win 15K

by Clay Shaw Wilmington, DE, October 24, 2021—The races start south of Riverfront Wilmington and go up the boardwalk and past the DuPont Environmental Education Center, then down the boards through the marshes of the Peterson Refuge Boardwalk, all part… Read More ›

November Poet’s Corner

by George A. Hancock November’s Chill Monday brings November firstArriving in a bleak chilly burstThe beautiful leaves now swirlWhile the wind messes a curl. Our running scene is now starkI trot past trees in brown barkOur seasonal shed is completeAnother… Read More ›