Hunter and Kelati Crowned USATF 5K Champions

by Clay Shaw

New York, NY, Abbott Dash to the Finish Line, November 6, 2021—Weini Kelati of Flagstaff, AZ broke away early and went on to win the Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5k in New York’s Central Park.  Kelati won the race in 15:18. The race started at the United Nations on the East Side of Manhattan and finished at the same finish line that the New York City Marathon will use the following day.  Kelati, a native of Eritrea, gained citizenship earlier this year.  Kelati was a star runner for the University of New Mexico, where she was the 2019 NCAA champ in cross-country.

Grace Barrett of Mammoth Lakes, CA took second in 15:45 in an all-out dash to the finish line.  Erika Kemp of Brookline, MA was third in 15:46, just one second back.  Natosha Rogers of Denver, CO was fourth in 15:48.  Lauren Paquette of Flagstaff, AZ was sixth in 15:49.  2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Gold Medalist Gwen Jorgensen of Portland, OR was sixth in 15:50.

Drew Hunter of Boulder, CO led a huge pack sprinting to the finish to win the USATF 5K championship in 13:53.  2016 Olympic 1500 Gold Medalist Matthew Centrowitz of Portland, OR was second in 13:53.  Sidney Gidabuday of Boulder, CO was third, also in 13:53.  Graham Crawford of Burlington, NC was fourth in 13:54.  Eric Avila of San Diego, CA was fifth in 13:55. The first twelve men were separated by just seven seconds; the first nine men were all under 14:00.

The elite men started nearly five minutes prior to the elite women. They were followed by nearly 7000 runners making the early morning run from the United Nations to Central Park, via East 42nd Street and the Avenue of the Americas.

Top Women

  1. 15:18 Weini Kelati, 24, Flagstaff, AZ
  2. 15:45 Grace Barnett, 26, Mammoth Lakes, CA
  3. 15:46 Erika Kemp, 26, Brookline, MA
  4. 15:48 Natosha Rogers, 30, Denver, CO
  5. 15:49 Lauren Paquette, 35, Flagstaff, AZ
  6. 15:50 Gwen Jorgensen, 35, Portland, OR
  7. 15:51 Amy Davis, 24, Rochester Hills, MI
  8. 15:53 Kim Conley, 35, Flagstaff, AZ
  9. 15:53 Sammy George, 27, Boone, NC
  10. 15:55 Maggie Montoya, 26, Longmont, CO
  11. 16:00 Katie Izzo, 24, San Diego, CA
  12. 16:04 Danielle Shanahan, 27, Flagstaff, AZ
  13. 16:06 Katie Rainsberger, 23, Boulder, CO
  14. 16:12 Ayla Granados, 30, Castro Valley, CA
  15. 16:14 Marissa Howard, 29, Boise, ID
  16. 16:14 Maddie Alm, 28, Boulder, CO
  17. 16:21 Aisling Cuffe, 28, Providence, RI
  18. 16:21 Grayson Murphy, 26, Flagstaff, AZ
  19. 16:23 Alycia Cridebring, 29, Flagstaff, AZ
  20. 16:27 Erin Gregoire, 24, New York, NY

Top Men

  1. 13:53 Drew Hunter, 24, Boulder, CO
  2. 13:53 Matthew Centrowitz, 32, Portland, OR
  3. 13:53 Sydney Gidabuday, 25, Boulder, CO
  4. 13:54 Graham Crawford, 28, Burlington, NC
  5. 13:55 Eric Avila, 32, San Diego, CA
  6. 13:56 Brian Barraza, 26, Boulder, CO
  7. 13:56 Joe Berriatua, 26, Boulder, CO
  8. 13:56 Andrew Jordan, 24, Washington, DC
  9. 13:58 Abbabiya Simbassa, 28, Colorado Springs, CO
  10. 14:00 Willy Fink, 27, Toledo, OH
  11. 14:00 Kasey Knevelbaard, 25, Flagstaff, AZ
  12. 14:00 Benjamin Eidenschink, 25, Niwot, CO
  13. 14:04 Ryan Kutch, 23, New York, NY
  14. 14:05 Andy Trouard, 27, Eugene, OR
  15. 14:06 Daniel Curtis, 25, Norwich, VT
  16. 14:08 Paul Chelimo, 31, Colorado Springs, CO
  17. 14:09 Colin Schultz, 26, Flagstaff, AZ
  18. 14:11 Tim McGowan, 26, Boston, MA
  19. 14:13 Josef Tessema, 32, Castle Rock, CO
  20. 14:14 Jordan Mann, 28, Providence, RI
The finish line in Central Park on a clear November morning. (Photo by Karen Mitchell)
Race director Ted Metellus with Erika Kemp 3rd, Weni Kelati 1st, and Grace Barnett 2nd,with Kerin Hempel, NYRR’s Interim CEO. (Photo by Clay Shaw)
Drew Hunter of Boulder, CO won the Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5K in 13:53. (Photo by Clay Shaw)
Sidney Gidabuday of Boulder was third in 13:53. (Photo by Clay Shaw)
Weini Kelati won the Abbott Dash to the Finish Line and received an autographed McFarland poster. (Photo by Clay Shaw)
Weini Kelati 15:18 and Drew Hunter 13:53, winners of the Abbott Dash to the Finish Line and also the USATF 5K road championship. (Photo by Karen Mitchell)
Natosha Rogers of Denver was fourth in 15:48. She shares a moment with Grayson Murphy of Flagstaff and Marissa Howard of Boise, ID. (Photo by Karen Mitchell)
Eric Avila (5th) of San Diego with Brian Barraza (6th) and Joe Berriatua (7th), both of Boulder, CO. All finished one second apart in 13:55 and 13:56. (Photo by Karen Mitchell)
Kim Conley of Flagstaff, AZ was eighth in 15:53. (Photo by Clay Shaw)
Abbabiya Simbassa of Colorado Springs was ninth in 13:58. Simbassa won the USATF 10-Mile Championship in DC at the Credit Union Cherry Blossom race in September. (Photo by Clay Shaw)
Katie Izzo of San Diego, CA was 11th in 16:00. (Photo by Clay Shaw)
Danielle Shanahan of Flagstaff, AZ was 12th in 16:04. (Photo by Clay Shaw)
Podium Men Matthew Centrowitz, Drew Hunter, and Sidney Gidabuday with dignitaries after the Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5K. (Photo by Karen Mitchell)
Podium women Grace Barrett, Weini Kelati, and Erika Kemp with dignitaries after the Abbott Dash to Finish Line 5K. (Photo by Karen Mitchell)

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