Alter and Sunderlin Win the 49th Harrisburg Marathon

by Clay Shaw

Nathaniel Alter of Lancaster, representing the F & M Track Club, took off fast and had nearly a four-minute lead at halfway.  Alter, who ran just under 1:13 for the half, won in 2:30:44.  Vinnie Caroselli of Huntingdon, PA ran the second half faster than his first half and was able to narrow the distance to Alter to just over a minute.  Caroselli was second in 2:31:54.   Joshua Doughty of Waldorf, MD, 18, was third overall in 2:42:56.  Alec Wetcher of York, PA was fourth in 2:43:56.  Luke Termorshuizen of Annapolis, MD, one of many Navy runners in the event,  was fifth in 2:44:16.  Eric Kosek of Wellsboro, PA known as “Idiot Runner,” was anything but, and had a three-minute negative split to place as top master, and sixth overall in 2:46:24.

Molly Sunderlin of Hellertown, PA also led most of the way, and won in 3:00:21. She was also the first master at 43.  Lindsay Piraino of Rochester, NY was second overall in 3:05:14.  Amanda Fox of Sunnyside, NY was third overall in 3:10:07.  Heidi Getty of McKees Rocks, PA was fourth in 3:11:20.  Sanela Saracina of Sugarloaf, PA was fifth in 3:15:41.

Robert Crowe of Pennsylvania Furnace, PA, 74, ran 4:52:56.  Ronnie Wong of Catonsville, MD, 75, ran 5:55:29.  Al Emma of Exton, PA, 81, ran 7:11:13.  586 participants finished the 49th Harrisburg Marathon.

Top Women

  1. 3:00:21 Molly Sunderlin, 43, Hellertown, PA
  2. 3:05:14 Lindsay Piraino, 25, Rochester, NY
  3. 3:10:07 Amanda Fox, 31, Sunnyside, NY
  4. 3:11:20 Heidi Getty, 30, McKees Rocks, PA
  5. 3:15:41 Sanela Saracina, 35, Sugarloaf, PA
  6. 3:15:58 Christina Hunsberger, 41, Boalsburg, PA
  7. 3:16:33 Kara Kniezewski, 20, Blue Bell, PA
  8. 3:17:28 Laura Barnes, 25, Carlisle, PA
  9. 3:17:33 Jenn Swiderski-Yonick, 35, Camp Hill, PA
  10. 3:17:59 Colleen Vicente, 33, Oaklyn, NJ
  11. 3:20:16 Tori Wise, 26, Halifax, PA
  12. 3:20:24 Kelly Leighton, 36, Camp Hill, PA
  13. 3:21:09 Erin Surette, 39, Towson, MD
  14. 3:21:44 Laurie Dymond, 55, Chambersburg, PA
  15. 3:23:32 Madison Proffitt, 32, Morgantown, WV
  16. 3:23:33 Erin Day, 30, Asheville, NC
  17. 3:23:42 Holly Kane, 45, Apex, NC
  18. 3:23:59 Rachel Aslan, 38, Camp Hill, PA
  19. 3:24:10 Kristen Karwacki, 42, Macungie, PA
  20. 3:24:35 Abby Bahlau, 19, West Chester, OH

Top Men

  1. 2:30:44 Nathaniel Alter, 29, Lancaster, PA
  2. 2:31:55 Vinnie Caroselli, 23, Huntingdon, PA
  3. 2:42:56 Joshua Doughty, 18, Waldorf, MD
  4. 2:43:56 Alec Wetcher, 30, York, PA
  5. 2:44:16 Luke Termorshuizen, 21, Annapolis, MD
  6. 2:46:24 Eric Kosek, 41, Wellsboro, PA
  7. 2:46:31 George Heinen, 22, Edmond, OK
  8. 2:46:55 Joseph Ozgar, 20, Easton, PA
  9. 2:47:04 James Potticary, 22, Annapolis, MD
  10. 2:47:43 Brian Stewart, 35, Buffalo, NY
  11. 2:47:53 Ian Turner, 35, Catonsville, MD
  12. 2:49:01 Mark Eissens, 41, Williamsport, MD
  13. 2:49:08 Alex Gornick, 28, State College, PA
  14. 2:49:30 Brandon Forino, 25, Philadelphia, PA
  15. 2:50:15 Douglas Gologorsky, 20, Annapolis, MD
  16. 2:53:38 Christopher Kuhl, 37, Dillsburg, PA
  17. 2:54:02 Brent Rademacher, 42, Annandale, VA
  18. 2:54:04 Cayden Dalton, 23, Stuart, VA
  19. 2:54:52 Joseph Chase, 18, Hingham, MA
  20. 2:54:57 Michael Browne, 40, Easton, PA
Both signs along the Susquehanna River ring true.
Max Gorelik of Morton, PA enjoys running, as one can see.
Max Gorelik of Morton, PA jumps his way around Harrisburg, with a 3:31:27.
Molly Sunderlin of Hellertown, PA was the overall women’s winner in 3:00:21. At 43 she topped the list of masters runners as well.
Benjamin Abeles of Felton, PA was 25th overall in 2:57:44.
Alec Wetcher of York, PA was fourth overall in 2:43:56.
Gretchen Stevenson of Akron, PA was a happy gal with a new personal best of 3:28:26, good for 23rd place.
Joshua Doughty, 18, of Waldorf, MD was third overall in 2:42:56.
Eric Kosek of Wellsboro, PA gets some encouragement from Ryan Blood (right). Kosek was top master and sixth overall in 2:46:24.
Mike Ravegum #511 of York, PA ran 3:02:44. Brent Rademacher #507 of Annandale, VA ran 2:54:02. Scott Hornung of Bainbridge, NY ran 3:00:20.
Kelly Kauffman of York, PA runs a 4:01:04, and gets an escort from Becky Doner and Karen-Lam Duckett, two of York’s top runners.
Jeff Paladina of Mechanicsburg, PA enjoys the Harrisburg Marathon on way to a 3:54:55.
Arynne Moody of Etters, PA ran steady for a 3:31:26 and 26th place female overall.
Harrisburg Marathon in 2020 and 2021 was a double loop of Susquehanna River views, trains, and bridges.
Sanela Saracina of Sugarloaf, PA loves Harrisburg, on the way to fifth overall in 3:15:41.
Amanda Fox of Sunnyside, NY is happy on route to a podium finish. Fox ran 3:10:07 to place third.
Lindsay Piraino of Rochester, NY glides along on way to second female overall in 3:05:14.
Nathaniel Alter of Lancaster, PA had a little company as he led the Harrisburg Marathon from the start. Alter won in 2:30:44.
Ronnie Wong of Catonsville, MD ran 5:55:29 to win the 75-99 division. Wong did the NCR Marathon in Northern Maryland later in November.
Walter Honsinger #694 of Lancaster was the final finisher, Doris Jones #696 of Downingtown, Crystal Nelson #704 of Downingtown, and Tanya Proctor #708 of Morgantown, all rock colorful tights in HBG.
Gwen Miller #417 and Kelly McKinley #405, both from York, PA, run together on Lap 1.
Kelly Rose of Dover ran 3:35:54 in her debut, and Sarah Wenger of Dallastown did a 3:40:12.
Kelly Leighton of Camp Hill was 12th in 3:20:24.
Pacer Jazmin Abraham #2 of Upper Saddle River, NJ leads the 3:35 group through Harrisburg. 50SUB4 prez Eliot Ephraim of Chicago #169, ran 3:35, of course.
Kevin Sagen #541 of Camp Hill, Josh Jamison #296 of York, PA, and C Fred Joslyn #309 lead a group early in the marathon.
The Navy Marathon team came to Harrisburg in force. Ethan Wilson #657 of Christiansburg, VA (2:55:18), George Heinen #254 of Edmond, OK (2:46:31), James Potticary #493 of Annapolis, MD (2:47:04), and Conrad Davis #134 of Hingham, MA (2:54:52) front the fast lead pack.

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