Gerstenbacher and Matherne Win 44th White Rose Run

by Clay Shaw

York PA, September 25, 2021—Karen Mitchell and Clay Shaw decided that the 2021 YWRR would be their last as the race directors. Karen has been the primary race director since 2018, after rescuing the event from possible oblivion. Clay directed the race from 1980 to 2008.  Patrick Hickey and Ryan Myers directed the race from 2008 to 2016.  Unforeseen problems caused the cancellation of the 2017 event.  The race directors and their large, capable race committee put their hearts into the 2021 event, and it was a good one, with 300 finishers as well as a virtual component to accommodate runners not yet comfortable with live racing, or just unable to come to York.  We had virtual runners from England, Hungary, Mexico, Germany, and Nigeria. 

The race was fast up front as the Fleet Feet and F & M groups tangled for Central Pennsylvania bragging rights.  Samuel Gerstenbacher of Lancaster won in 24:22.  Brody Beiler of Mechanicsburg was second in 24:38.  2020 winner Christopher Myers of Lancaster was third in 24:48.  Dillon May of Enola was fourth in 24:57.  Nate Romberger of Lewisberry was fifth in 25:13.  Matt Marcini of York  was top master and ninth overall in 26:53. Evan Sandt of Conestoga was second master and top 50-year-old in 31:00.  Randy Hoon of Mt Holly Springs age 65 ran 34:28, and Don Morrison of Coatesville, age 71 ran 35:54, very good times for their respective ages.  Fleet Feet edged F & M for the team trophy, but F & M sure dominated the top three and the women’s results. Adam Moore of Wrightsville, wearing the F & M kit pushed a stroller to win the mug in 30:20; he was 20th overall, pushing two children.

Zoë Matherne of Camp Hill, who recently passed the Delaware Bar exam, won the women’s race in 27:59.  It was Zoë’s third YWRR win in the past four years.

Georganne Watson of Lititz won in 2019 and was second in 2021 in 29:04.  Alyssa Dever of Reading was third in 29:35.  Sarah Delia of Lancaster was fourth in 29:54.  Teal Liu of Hershey was fifth in 30:01. 12-year-old Leah Navarro of Seven Valleys was 11th in 32:4in 32:48. Tanya Navarro (Leah’s mom) was the top master in 34:48.  Sarah Wenger of Dallastown was 20th and second master in 35:15.  Alexis Chila of York ran 35:54 and placed 24th, but scored a bigger prize, a finish line marriage proposal.  Race committee member Margaret Moore of York, at 69, ran 46:12 to dominate her age group. 

Special shout-out to friends, supporters, volunteers, sponsors, committee members, course captains, cyclists etc.  It takes a village. 

Top Women

  1. 27:59 Zoe Matherne, 25, Camp Hill
  2. 29:04 Georganne Watson, 36, Lititz
  3. 29:35 Alyssa Dever, 28, Reading
  4. 29:54 Sarah Delia, 35, Lancaster
  5. 30:01 Teal Liu, 35, Hershey
  6. 31:26 Rachel Rowe, 27, Hummelstown
  7. 31:58 Leah Maher, 30, New Providence
  8. 32:10 Meg Griffith, 34, Manheim
  9. 32:36 Kristin Snyder, 35, New Cumberland
  10. 32:37 Rebecca Doner, 32, Mount Wolf
  11. 32:48 Leah Navarro, 12, Seven Valleys
  12. 33:13 Courtney Gelb, 23, Schnecksville
  13. 34:00 Sarah Cardone, 24, York
  14. 34:14 Arynne Moody, 35, Gardners
  15. 34:34 Emily Nelson, 24, Mechanicsburg
  16. 34:37 Colleen Deignan, 28, Harrisburg
  17. 34:48 Tanya Navarro, 52, Seven Valleys
  18. 34:48 Nicole Register, 18, Jacobus
  19. 35:11 Kelly Rose, 33, Dover
  20. 35:15 Sarah Wenger, 40, Dallastown

Top Men

  1. 24:22 Samuel Gerstenbacher, 23, Lancaster
  2. 24:38 Brody Beiler, 23, Mechanicsburg
  3. 24:48 Christopher Myers, 23, Lancaster
  4. 24:57 Dillon May, 24, Enola
  5. 25:13 Nate Romberger, 22, Lewisberry
  6. 25:23 Drew Nesbitt, 36, Lancaster
  7. 26:41 C Fred Joslyn, 37, Boiling Springs
  8. 26:52 Matthew Royer, 23, Wellsville
  9. 26:53 Matt Marcini, 45, York
  10. 27:16 Jordan Cruise, 24, Lebanon
  11. 27:35 Ty Stump, 30, Camp Hill
  12. 28:28 Luis Miranda, 31, Lebanon
  13. 29:01 Travis Soprano, 32, Mt Holly Springs
  14. 30:05 Samuel Dever, 27, Reading
  15. 30:20 Adam Moore, 33, Wrightsville
  16. 30:28 Bradley Yehl, 29, Maytown
  17. 31:00 Evan Sandt, 51, Conestoga
  18. 31:10 Max Marcini, 13, York
  19. 31:31 Brandon Bishop, 32, York
  20. 31:33 Kody McDonald, 32, Manchester
44th York White Rose Run is off with a cannonball charge. The Fleet Feet and F & M men already take to the front.
F & M Track Club women were in full force at the York White Rose Run. Georganne Watson #21, Alyssa Dever #23, Meg Griffith, Rebecca Richter #263, and Sarah Delia #22.
F & M Men: Samuel Gerstenbacher #2, Christopher Myers #1, Samuel Dever #10, and Drew Nesbitt #351.
River Runners group in front of York’s Central Market House prior to the 44th York White Rose Run.
Running rockin’ by the Deer Mural on South Beaver St. Photo by Randy Flaum.
Just Having Fun, running on South Beaver Street. Photo by Randy Flaum.
Zoë Matherne of Camp Hill repeats as champion. Her 27:59 is a personal best and third win in past four years.
Samuel Gerstenbacher of Lancaster wins York White Rose Run in 24:22. Cannonball Charlie and Downtown (Mascot) hold the banner.
Adam Moore of Wrightsville, pushing two, easily won the stoller mug award in 30:20.
Patrick Lister of Middletown pushes three around the 5-mile course in 38:06. Drayer is one of the York White Rose Run’s great sponsors.
Race Director Karen Mitchell and grandson Ryan George are interviewed by Fox 43, before the 44th Running. Photo by Randy Flaum.
F & M team really supported the 44th Running of the York White Rose Run. Sarah Delia of Lancaster (left) and Georganne Watson of Lancaster placed 4th and 2nd overall among the women. Photo by Randy Flaum.
Alyssa Dever of Reading ran a solid race to finish in 29:35 and placed third overall among women.
Rebecca Doner of Mt Wolf placed 10th among women in 32:37.
Leah Navarro, 12, of Seven Valleys sprints in with a 32:48 to place 11th in the strong women’s field. Downtown cannot keep up.
Don Morrison, 71, of Coatesville easily tops his age group in 35:54. Our grandson Seamus George of York ran 35:56 and earned second in his age group.
Alexis Chila of York gets the biggest prize after the York White Rose Run, a proposal. Photo by Randy Flaum.
Karen Hendricks of Mechanicsburg finishes with a smile. Karen H is a great writer and has done several stories on the race.
Andrew Lehigh of York leads a group of runners from Newberry on to Market Street. In May, Andrew cycled from Key West, FL to Calais, ME in 33 days.
Della Krodel of York enjoys the 44th York White Rose, and says thank you to RunPA on their sponsorship of the event.
Dennis Myers of Pikesville, MD and 4-time winner Caroll Myers of East Berlin run/walk the 44th York White Rose Run. The race directors appreciate the long-term loyalty.
A finisher passes the curious residents of North Beaver Street near the finish line of the 44th York White Rose Run. Photo by Randy Flaum.
C Fred Joslyn who finished 7th, returned to the course to help push Matthew Wright. The Beaverson’s, Ed Klinedinst, Matthew’s mom Janice are in the usual group at races along with 50SUB4 finisher Dan Reeves (not pictured).
Nora Haefele of Dover and sweep Nancy Rossi of York enjoy the 44th York White Rose Run. 300 finished, all well under the course time limit.

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