On the Edge

By Sal Citarella Recently, on an impulse fueled by something stronger than Gatorade, I watched my old VHS tape On The Edge. For those of you who may not remember, it was a big screen release in 1986 and well… Read More ›

Into the Woods

By Sal Citarella Even though I’ve lived in the SF Bay area for much of my life, I’m still an East Coaster at heart. Particularly, New England. How I miss the horrid winter weather, the power outages, the humidity, skeeters……. Read More ›

Rambling Roads: A D.S.T. Change

By George A. Hancockrunnergah@comcast.net  Daylight Saving Time or D.S.T. begins Sunday, March 14 this year. This daylight shift remains until Sunday, November 7. D.S.T. creates more evening daylight hours, and most individuals support and appreciate this time shift. Regular readers… Read More ›

Rambling Roads: Crumbling Days

 By George A. Hancockrunnergah@comcast.net February is our last full winter month. A point many road runners appreciate. Running on icy snow-covered roads gets old quick. Outside runners are moving about with a cautious eye. Winter road maintenance for numerous reasons… Read More ›

The Last Runner

By Sal Citarella Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a legion of people, both male and female, who indulged in an arcane ritual called “running.” For some, it was just play and a reason… Read More ›

Rambling Roads: December Thoughts

By George A. Hancockrunnergah@comcast.net Meteorological winter begins on Tuesday, December 1. This weather-record time span runs through February 28, 2021. Weather scientists and meteorologists record all winter weather activity and data during these dates. Traditionalists, which include most folks, regard… Read More ›

Rambling Roads: Car Mirrors

By George A. Hancockrunnergah@comcast.net Okay, what do car mirrors have to do with running? Hmm, perhaps this column needs to be retitled to Vehicle Mirrors. That phrase more aptly describes the content of November’s column. I can’t believe this road… Read More ›

Rambling Roads: October Treats

By George A. Hancockrunnergah@comcast.net October’s treats delight the road athlete. These treats take many forms. Please note October’s treats are not all consumable items. Many October treats are visual. The daily road runner views the four seasons from the roadside…. Read More ›

Rambling Roads: Autumn’s Run

By George A. Hancockrunnergah@comcast.net September 1 begins Meteorological Autumn. Weather organizations like the National Weather Service (NWS), in order to maintain more uniform weather records, use the time span from September 1 through November 30 for recording autumn weather data…. Read More ›

Rambling Roads: Running vs. Racing

by George A. Hancockrunnergah@comcast.net I no longer run road races. The reason is simple. Three herniated back disc issues plus corrective surgery prompted my decision. My last serious road race was on Thanksgiving morning November 24, 2016. I did run… Read More ›