Breakthrough Women’s Running

Book review by Karen Mitchell

Runners, coaches, book group leaders:

We are excited to share this new book by Neely Spence Gracey and Cindy Kuzma. It is beautifully put together with wonderful photos and it’s full of extremely engaging information you can use to experience ‘breakthroughs’ during your running career.

Neely was born, raised, and schooled in Pennsylvania and now lives in Colorado. She’s a professional runner, coach, and a mother of two, who has run and raced across the country. At the Boston Marathon she finished 1st American and ninth overall. New York City Marathon? Eighth place and 2nd American. World Cross Country Championships in Poland? 1st American and 13th overall. She’s a pro!

Using scientifically-proven recommendations, Neely discusses goal-setting, recovery, nutrition, mastering your monthly cycle, injury prevention, breathing better, running and motherhood, building strength, and lots more. She includes detailed training plans for racing at almost all distances – 5K, 10K, half-marathon, marathon, and run-walk, good for beginners or those coming back after injury, pregnancy, or a long break for any reason. There are stories and inspiration from athletes Sara Hall, Tina Muir, Molly Huddle, Nell Rojas, Emily Infeld, Sara Vaughn, Elise Cranny, Amanda Nurse and others.

I expected to page through the book and look at the pictures. What did I do? I read it word for word! It was that interesting! Once you read it, we’re pretty sure you’ll keep it on the shelf as a frequent reference.

Neely’s book is a must-read for women runners of all ages, abilities, and goals.

Coaches, especially those who coach girls and women, check out this book! It is highly recommended.

Autographed copies available here
Amazon link here
Human Kinetic store here

Neely Spence Gracey ran her debut marathon in 2:35:00 at the 2016 Boston Marathon. She was top American and ninth overall.
Neely finished second in the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Philadelphia in 2016. In 2015 she also ran her PB of 1:09:59 in Philadelphia.
Neely Spence Gracey of the USA in action at the 2013 World Cross Country Championships in Bydgoszcz, Poland. She was first American and 13th overall in one of the world’s most competitive events.
Neely ran a 2:34:55 in the 2016 New York City Marathon. She was eighth overall with a personal best.
Neely strides toward the finish line of the 2017 Bolder Boulder 10K.

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  1. love this….I’ve been instructing run clinics for almost 16 years, and more and more those in the clinics are female, and understanding that, I’ve almost made it my thing to learn as much as I can….so far two books; Older Faster Stronger by Margaret Webb and Roar by Stacy Sims have framed that knowledge….and now for one more…


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