Training Tips For Seniors

By Sal Citarella Recently, renowned Coach G. Howid Hurtz, of Gopher County Community College and The Gopher It Running Club, gave a presentation at the Seniors’ Center to help us older folks remain fit and active. His talk was aimed… Read More ›

Rambling Roads: March 2022

By George A. Hancockrunnergah@comcast.net March 1 is a Tuesday this year. Meteorological spring begins on this day. Weather scientists and meteorologists seek a uniform time frame to record spring weather records. Thus, meteorological spring runs from March 1 through May… Read More ›

Rambling Roads: February Weather

By George A. Hancockrunnergah@comcast.net February’s 2022 run began on a Tuesday, with 28 days devoted to outside wintry excursions. February is winter’s last full month, and March 1 begins meteorological spring. Of course, the running crowd may still face wintry… Read More ›

Rambling Roads: Autumn Heat?

By George A. Hancockrunnergah@comcast.net Time’s steady movement flows on. Autumn’s vibrant and majestic season is nearly at its end. Soon, the Christmas season will envelop our days. And then, in the days after that gala event, we prepare for a… Read More ›

Rambling Roads: Boston Books

By George A. Hancockrunnergah@comcast.net Friday begins October’s 31-day run. October’s magnificent glory is visible to all roadside pedestrians.  Motorists see some of October’s seasonal sights, but the running crowd gains the full autumn experience. October is perhaps the most scenic… Read More ›

Rambling Roads: On An August Day

By George A. Hancockrunnergah@comcast.net Sunday begins our August run. 31 days devoted to sweaty hot and humid fun. Summer’s last hurrah generally never leaves on a gentle note. Our August “dog days” bake our macadam roadways. Some days, runners and… Read More ›

Rambling Roads: Alan Sillitoe

By George A. Hancockrunnergah@comcast.net OK, who the heck is Allan Sillitoe? And, why does he earn a mention in this running column? These are both good questions. Hopefully, this column provide some answers. We live in a highly visual 24/7… Read More ›

Rambling Roads: Need Shoes?

By George A. Hancockrunnergah@comcast.net The Covid-19 pandemic created a few supply-chain issues. Many folks found empty shelves, no products, or long delays for various products. The wife and I redid a room in our home last year. Wall paint and… Read More ›

Rambling Roads: Spring Forays

By George A. Hancockrunnergah@comcast.net April, our fourth month, begins on a Thursday this year. April is thirty days devoted to new spring growth. This morning runner views numerous spring sights on every run. The greening vegetation is the most visible… Read More ›