Rambling Roads: On A June Run

By George A. Hancock


Wednesday, June 1 begins meteorological summer. Weather forecasters and scientists use this date in order to maintain uniform weather records. Meteorological Summer runs from June 1 through August 31.

Most individuals regard the Tuesday, June 21 Summer Solstice as the beginning of the summer season. Summer according to this thought lasts until we reach the September Equinox.

Runners realize the summer season offers countless carefree warm weather runs. Of course, that thought requires an explanation. Our changing weather patterns has created unruly weather in numerous locations. Wildfires, excessive heat, drought, and violent weather are commonplace in many regions. Running through these weather events demands caution.

Our weather is more tranquil here in the Cambria-Somerset County Laurel Highlands. We do experience some humid, muggy weather in late July and August. Yet, the mornings and late evenings prove OK for our daily run. Running at noon or early afternoon is doable but an extremely sweaty chore. Precautions are needed for proper hydration and weather safety.

My June runs are a pleasant experience. My daily run begins at the dawn hour. These days I run 100% of the time from home. My run begins and ends in the same spot. But, I’m running in a different direction every day. I get to view the June roadside from a different daily perspective.

Daylight is present as my run begins in June. This is a huge bonus. I’ve mastered running in the quiet morning dark. However, daylight running is preferred by this runner. I can see where I’m running. Plus, the June road sights are visible.

The green vegetation and trees are a nice sight. Mix in some colorful wild flowers with their fragrant scent and one has an enjoyable roadside excursion. These living colors are awesome. They add a terrific psychological boost to our June outings. The runner vividly sees and observes Mother Nature at her best.

My morning runs also feature the warm June sun. Occasionally, we may encounter a cooler morning. Most June days have delightful and pleasant morning temperatures. This means running in a light shirt and shorts is doable. Eliminating that cold-weather running gear is great. We run light and free.

A mild June breeze propels us along the local roads. Gone is that strange feeling of running against the wind with two strong hands pushing against our body. The gentle breeze ruffles our hair as we tour the morning roads. This runner doesn’t miss that icy slap featured during cold- weather runs.

Once we reach June 30 we have 185 days left in 2022. Our year is half over. Many bemoan this swift time passage. Yet, the daily runner is out and about viewing the scenery. Seldom if ever does any seasonal event catch the runner by surprise.

Runners and other outdoor enthusiasts view the grand picture. Folks cooped up in hermetically sealed mayonnaise jars miss so much. Even a short 30 minute outside June jaunt is

rewarding. Any movement whether running, walking, or hiking is good.  This pedestrian breathes in delightful natural air. Plus, the natural views are priceless.

And again, this natural environment is weather dependent on you specific location. A June wildfire is distressing as is any tornadic activity and its subsequent damage. Remaining weather- aware and alert is a key component these days.

Flash flooding and street flooding is common in my region. Numerous water- and sewer-line projects created areas where flooding is now prevalent. These are areas without previous flooding history. It’s incredible that roads I ran for decades without issue are now prone to flooding issues during heavy rains.

Water runoff in other local areas is common too. That old saying for motorists, “turn around don’t drown” is apt for pedestrians too. Motorists driving into deep flowing or standing water is foolish. One has no idea what happened to the road surface beneath that water.

The same point is true for runners. Running through standing water is never wise. Seek another route around that water.

A few precautions during adverse weather insures the run continues. Most of us can enjoy this splendid June weather. Our summer run season is beginning. Our thoughts on a June run are refreshing. Run well, run smart!

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