Dear Santa, the best wish ever?

This just in for Santa. A little late, but it’s the best wish ever.

December 24, 2022

Dear Santa,    

I’ve been good. Maybe I’ve been good for too many years. Lots of us have been good. So why can’t it be like it used to be?

Remember how it was when we could put our tired legs up on a stool, snuggle before a fire with a cup of hot chocolate, and read a newspaper? OK, so some of us didn’t just drink hot chocolate and I don’t mean just any newspaper. I mean Runner’s Gazette.

Now fires are no longer politically acceptable; we all know they lead to global warming and air pollution, and newspapers, on real paper, have been overwhelming our landfills. I’d be happy to environmentally recycle my copy of RG if I could only read one more of Bernie Greene’s outrageous fabrications or a clever poem by that Gordon fella.

Now everything is online. More like too much is online and too much of it lacks immediacy. You can’t touch it, feel it. Can’t cut, snip, and paste. Can’t crumple it in disgust, throw it across the room or spread it out for that new puppy. You can’t sit in a lounge chair with your PC in your lap or you’d spill your drink. Hot chocolate, I mean. 

Santa, my wish for Christmas is that we could roll back the clock a few years. Not just so I could run fast again or that we’d never heard of Covid, but so we could be a family of runners, portrayed in a family running newspaper. We could call it Runner’s Gazette all over again!

Thanks Santa,

Sal Citarella

Editor’s Note: Thank You, Sal! Happy New Year!

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