Was I Dreaming?

By Sal Citarella

As I lay in bed, I became aware of something warm and wet on my hand. Couldn’t be my wife; she was on the other side. Could the toilet have overflowed! I opened my eyes with a start and this is what I saw:

“Rusty,” I said. “What are you doing here? And why those wings and a halo?”

“Relax, Pop,” he replied. “St. Pluto let me come say hello, ’cause it’s my birthday. Would have been 17 today in your years, that is if you hadn’t let the Vet do what he did.”                                                                                                              

“I’m sorry for that but you were not a happy pup.”

“You were right. At first it was like a plunge into a cold, deep pool, but then a swim in acceptance and I felt better than I had in a long while. No hard feelings.”

“Who are those two Labs with you, the Black one and the Golden?”   

“Oh, those are Timex and Rolex. They’re watchdogs at The Golden Gates. Better get back home, fellas. Tell St. Pluto I’ll be along, soon.”

“You look good; are they treating you right?”

“Oh, yeah. The kibble bowl never goes empty and all the Kongs are stuffed with peanut butter! I ain’t trying to rush you, but you’ll like it too. Think jumping on the sofa is fun? Try it on a cloud!”

“Well, I always heard it was true, but seeing you like that makes me believe All Dogs Go To Heaven”.

“Would a dog lie? It’s easier for us than for some of you.

“Bye, boss. I’d love to go for a run with you again, but I gotta go. Give my regards to all the other runners out there.”    

And with that warm and fuzzy thought in my mind, I woke up.

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