Poet’s Corner for October 2022

by George A. Hancock

Falling Leaves 

The Runner is in the dark
Out on his October lark
Running the local roads
Seeking new fall episodes.

Today, the wind blows free
Slapping this early morn spree
Creating a scene of falling leaves
And some warm weather grieves. 

They twitch and tumble down
Making a soft rustling sound
I can easily catch one or two
While one strikes my shoe.

The colors were great but now
The comments are more wow! 
Raking is a big cleanup chore
Waiting outside every door.

Soon, it’s a bare-tree run
After falling leaves are done
This wind will move loose ones
Making big piles that stun.

    More Road Gear 

October means more road gear
As chilly weather nips an ear
A hat or beanie does help
Easing that morning run yelp.

Gloves help our cold hands 
As frost makes its stands
A jacket or warm fleece 
Becomes the centerpiece. 

Running in shorts isn’t bad
And for this, I’m really glad
My legs seldom get cold 
Despite my growing old. 

Warm morning runs are few
As Mother Nature stirs her stew
Yes, October brings some change 
To our local running range.

I adapt and steadily run on
Chasing after a distant dawn
Every morning a new view
Presenting a seasonal clue.

      Road Treats 

Road running is hard work 
Yet, often earns a perk
Or two depending on 
Things before they’re gone.

Road treats are a visual view
Seen by many not a few
Road treats are a tasty thing
Post-run that makes us sing.

October brings road treats
Delighting road athletes 
Like me in a fall pastry 
Enjoyed slow not hasty.

In October, an apple pie 
Fresh baked earns a sigh
Yes, autumn apple pies 
Defeat cold-weather lies.

Homemade applesauce is 
Another requiring no Whiz 
Road treats fuel my run
On days with clouds or sun.

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