Ngandu and Ngige Win 2022 Philadelphia Distance Run Half Marathon

By Clay Shaw

Philadelphia, PA, September 18, 2022, Philadelphia Distance Run—James Ngandu of Kenya had the best PB going into the PDR with a 1:01:25.  Ngandu didn’t disappoint. He caught early leader Shadrack Keter, also of Kenya, midway through the race and went on to win in 1:02:01.  Tsegay Tuemay of Eritrea was second in 1:02:29. Mark Chesire of Kenya was third in 1:02:33. Early leader Shadrack Keter was fourth in 1:03:09. Josh Izewski of Zap Fitness and Doylestown, PA was fifth and top American, in 1:03:17. Chen Tianyu of China was sixth in 1:03:18. John Gagliardi of West Chester, PA was top master in 1:14:39 and 43rd overall.  USATF had a masters championship in New Jersey on the same day.

Monicah Ngige of Kenya won in 1:09:23. Atsede Tesema of Ethiopia was second in 1:09:40.  Isgah Cheruto of Kenya was third in 1:09:50. Wuga He of China was fourth in 1:10:54. Sarah Naibei of Kenya was fifth in 1:11:07.  Susanna Sullivan of Reston, VA was sixth and top American in 1:11:58.  Kimberlee Meeker of Raleigh, NC was top master and 28th overall in 1:23:58. 

Cain Leathers of Queer Run-Philadelphia was top non-binary in 1:21:06.  There were twelve finishers in the division.  The wheelchair champions were James Senbeta of Chicago, who won in 47:43 and listed as non-binary. The top female was Michelle Wheeler of Argyle, TX in 1:00:09.  Emila Perry of Philadelphia was second in 1:01:15.

2678 participants completed the half-marathon.

Half Marathon Top Women

  1. 1:09:23 Monicah Ngige, 28, Kenya
  2. 1:09:40 Atsede Tesema, 35, Ethiopia
  3. 1:09:50 Isgah Cheruto, 33, Kenya
  4. 1:10:54 Wuga He, 24, China
  5. 1:11:07 Sarah Naibei, 23, Kenya
  6. 1:11:58 Susanna Sullivan, 32, Reston, VA
  7. 1:12:24 Mirai Waku, 27, Japan
  8. 1:12:36 Amber Zimmerman, 30, Phladelphia
  9. 1:13:22 Bria Wetsch, 34, Centennial, CO
  10. 1:13:45 Jessie Cardin, 26, Rochester Hills, MI
  11. 1:13:48 Sydney Devore, 30, Ferndale, MI
  12. 1:14:41 Maegan Krifchin, 34, Atlanta, GA
  13. 1:14:45 Mia Behm, 32, Pelam, NY
  14. 1:15:11 Amanda Martin, 25, Knoxville, TN
  15. 1:17:14 Katie Florio, 29, Philadelphia
  16. 1:18:12 Andie Cozzarelli, 32, Raleigh, NC
  17. 1:18:22 Rose Mascoli, 31, Carlisle
  18. 1:19:12 Ellen Feringa, 26, Philadelphi
  19. 1:19:30 Ariane Hendrix-Roach, 34, Ferndale, MI
  20. 1:19:44 Lauren Kelly, 32, Philadelphia

Half Marathon Top Men

  1. 1:02:01 James Ngandu, 32, Kenya
  2. 1:02:29 Tsegay Tuemay Weldlibanos, 26, Eritrea
  3. 1:02:33 Mike Chesire, 25, Kenya
  4. 1:03:09 Shadrack Keter, 21, Kenya
  5. 1:03:17 Joshua Izewski, 32, Doylestown, PA
  6. 1:03:18 Chen Tianyu, 25, China
  7. 1:03:27 Zachary Panning, 27, Lake Orion, MI
  8. 1:04:40 Francis Mburu, 26, Kenya
  9. 1:04:44 Simon Kimunge, 22, Kenya
  10. 1:05:25 Tyler Pennel, 34, Boone NC
  11. 1:05:36 Dominic Korir, 29, Kenya
  12. 1:06:08 JP Flavin, 24, Rochester Hills, MI
  13. 1:06:11 Jonathan Phillips, 29, Brookline, MA
  14. 1:07:26 Kevin McDonnell, 32, Cherry Hill, NJ
  15. 1:07:29 Alex Price, 29, Bethlehem, PA
  16. 1:07:31 Joseph Whelan, 31, Webster, NY
  17. 1:07:54 Nicholas Costello, 27, Laramie, WY
  18. 1:08:00 Aidan Reed, 24, Boulder, CO
  19. 1:08:17 Max Norris, 28, Narberth
  20. 1:08:45 Stephen Rathbun, 30. Springfield, NJ

November Project runners before the Philadelphia Distance Run.
Ready to go, elite athlete coordinator Colin Leak lined up a deep and interesting field at the PDR.
Lead pack forms just after the start of the Philadelphia Distance Run. Gotta love the shot with the Art Museum, fountains and flags along Ben Franklin Parkway.
Shadrack Keter of Kenya has the lead passing Philadelphia City Hall.
Shadrack Keter of Kenya has the lead passing Philadelphia City Hall.
Chen Tianyu #32 of China battles Joshua Izewski #4 of Doylestown, PA at five miles. The two athletes finished one second apart with Izewski placing fifth in 1:03:17, and Chen in sixth with a 1:03:18.
PDR runners having a good time near the 5-mile mark of the PDR.
Mirai Waku #126 of Japan and Amber Zimmerman #114 of Philadelphia race together midway through the PDR. Waku was seventh in 1:12:24 and Zimmerman was eighth in 1:12:36.
Wuga He of China has that determined look as she placed fourth in 1:10:54.
Shadrack Keter #15, and James Ngandu #11 both of Kenya run together on Kelly Drive midway through the PDR.
James Ngandu of Kenya is all alone on Kelly Drive on way to PDR win 1:02:01.
Monicah Ngige of Kenya on way to run a 1:09:23 win. She runs with Zach Michon of Philadelphia.
Atsede Tesema of Ethiopia finishes second in 1:09:40.
Jordan Hasay of San Luis Obispo runs with Freddy Mahugu of Philadelphia. Hasay won the 5K and then ran the half-marathon.
James Ngandu of Kenya wins the 2022 PDR in 1:02:01
Tsegay Tuemay Weldlibanos of Eritrea was second in 1:02:29
Monicah Ngige of Kenya wins the 2022 PDR in 1:09:23.
Susanna Sullivan of Reston, VA finished sixth and was top USA in 1:11:58.
Amber Zimmerman of Philadelphia was eighth and second American, in 1:12:36.
Sydney Devore of Ferndale, MI was eleventh in 1:13:48.
Rosie Mascoli of Carlisle, PA was 17th in 1:18:22.
Cain Leathers of Philadelphia wins the non-binary division in 1:21:06.
Jay McMillan of Columbia, PA rocks a 1:21:13.

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