George A Hancock

Rambling Roads: December’s Story

By George A. Thursday begins December’s 31-day run. This first December day begins meteorological winter. Weather scientists use the December 1 to February 28 time frame for official weather-keeping purposes. All winter records are noted during this time span…. Read More ›

November’s Outlook

By George A. November’s 30-day run begins on a Tuesday this year. We have reached autumn’s last month. A month where daylight is disappearing. Our daylight hours are shrinking. We welcome any and all daylight. Yet, we’re aware the… Read More ›

Rambling Roads: Autumn Runs

By George A.  Thursday, September 1 begins our meteorological autumn season. This seasonal time frame runs from September 1 through November 30. All autumn weather information is noted and recorded during this time. The past several years witnessed warm… Read More ›

Rambling Roads: Weather Tips

By George A. Summer 2022 is on a warm track in numerous regions across our vast country. The Greater Johnstown weather scene in late spring experienced some above average daily temperatures. Lunchtime or early afternoon running was nasty. A/C… Read More ›

June 2022 Poetry

by George A. Hancock June 2022 Wednesday begins June’s run Now featuring morning sun June’s dawn appears quick And summer fun’s no trick. Early summer on the roads Has many neat episodes We reached warmer days With streaming sun rays…. Read More ›