June 2022 Poetry

by George A. Hancock

June 2022

Wednesday begins June’s run
Now featuring morning sun 
June’s dawn appears quick
And summer fun’s no trick.

Early summer on the roads
Has many neat episodes
We reached warmer days
With streaming sun rays.

Running in shorts and Tee
Is nice as runners agree
Lighter is the way to run
And our miles get done. 

The roadside is so green 
A pretty daily scene 
Other colors do appear 
Along with a brown deer. 

The June roads are alive
The mornings never deprive 
Runners from seeing things 
During our running flings.

On a June Breeze

A June breeze is very nice
Different than January’s ice 
Which slaps our old face
And slows the daily pace.

Running in a June breeze 
A runner trots in ease
Fearing no falling trees
On our distance sprees.

Our June weather is mild
Pleasing this road child
30 days of weather calm
Is like a soothing balm.

The breeze moves us along
While birds chirp in song
About Humans on the move
And what they might prove.

Runners see flowers sway
As they run by that way 
June’s breeze is cool 
It’s earned a road jewel.

June Road Shale

Road shale is a seasonal thing
It prevents that icy swing 
But now in summer this shale 
Produces grimaces and is a fail.

Removing shale is a costly act
Money is scarce, that’s a fact
My borough can’t sweep roads
Creating many sliding episodes.

The state cleans nearby streets 
Producing happy running feats
Running on shale is never fun
Especially as our shoes are spun.

Also, snow after a street clean
Means more shale is not keen
Treating roads after a sweep
Means shale lays there deep.

It’s summer we need no shale
Yet, it’s there making one pale
I sweep shale near my home
Allowing others safer roam.

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