Werner Wins Fast Point-to-Point in the USATF Women’s 6K Championships

by Clay Shaw

Canton, Ohio, July 17, 2021—Taylor Werner found everything about race day rather perfect.  Werner, 23, who runs for the Puma Pro-Team based in Chapel Hill, NC, won in 18:21 over a stellar women’s field.  Werner said she enjoys hills and is used to humidity.  She broke away from Emily Durgin on the final blocks in downtown Canton.  Werner and Durgin, 27, who placed second in 18:27, had separated themselves from the nine-woman lead group, around the three-mile mark.  Werner is from Ste. Genevieve, Missouri and ran for the University of Arkansas.  Elly Henes of Raleigh, NC was third in 18:35.  Henes just turned pro after winning the NCAA 5000-meter championship, representing NC State.  Elly’s mom (and NC State coach) Laurie Henes won the title in 1991. 

Werner’s Puma teammate, Fiona O’Keeffe of Chapel Hill, NC was fourth in 18:41.  Katrina Coogan of Johnson City, TN was fifth in 18:42.  The top ten were introduced on stage at the award ceremony, and won prize money.  37 women finished the elite race with all under a six-minute per mile pace.  The top three were under five-minute pace.

The race was directed by Run To You Racing, who staged a great event in Canton.  The elites started the point-to-point course at Malone College, and finished in Downtown Canton at Centennial Plaza.  The all-women’s citizen race started five minutes after the elite race, and on the same course. 309 women finished the open race, which was won by Emily Ambrose of Cleveland in 22:23.


  1. 18:21 Taylor Werner, 23, Chapel Hill, NC
  2. 18:27 Emily Durgin, 27, Johnson City, TN
  3. 18:35 Elly Henes, 22, Raleigh, NC
  4. 18:41 Fiona O’Keeffe, 23, Chapel Hill, NC
  5. 18:42 Katrina Coogan, 27, Johnson City, TN
  6. 18:46 Annie Frisbie, 24, Minneapolis, MN
  7. 18:48 Lindsay Flanagan, 30, Boulder, CO
  8. 18:53 Allie Buchalski, 26, Seattle, WA
  9. 18:54 Diane Nukuri, 36, Flagstaff, AZ
  10. 19:10 Maddie Alm, 28, Boulder, CO
  11. 19:15 Carrie Dimoff, 38, Portland, OR
  12. 19:22 Sammy George, 26, Johnson City, TN
  13. 19:26 Elvin Kibet, 31, Colorado Springs, CO
  14. 19:29 Bria Wetsch, 33, Broomfield, CO
  15. 19:32 Therese Haiss, 25, Chargin Falls, OH
  16. 19:37 Abbie McNulty, 25, Charlottesville, VA
  17. 19:39 Grace Beattie, 23, Normal, IL
  18. 19:44 Emily de La Bruyere, 28, Washington, DC
  19. 19:45 Sara Sutherland, 29, Boulder, CO
  20. 19:47 Abbey Wheeler, 22, Providence, RI
  21. 19:49 Bethany Sachtleben, 29, Falls Church, VA
  22. 19:51 Amelia Keyser-Gibson, 25, Seattle, WA
  23. 19:54 Stephanie Sherman, 23, Sylvania, OH
  24. 19:58 Sakiko Minagawa, 26, Westerville, OH
  25. 20:02 Maddie Offstein, 25, Frostburg, MD
  26. 20:19 Anna Shields, 23, Harwinton, CT
  27. 20:26 Molly Bookmyer, 30, Columbus, OH
  28. 20:29 Ashley Maton, 27, Boulder, CO
  29. 20:32 Whitney Macon, 28, Asheville, NC
  30. 20:44 Kristen Tenaglia, 37, Seminole, FL
  31. 20:59 Madison Yerke, 23, Allston, MA
  32. 21:01 Frankie Brillante, 29, Arlington, VA
  33. 21:07 Bre Bakan, 25, Hartville, OH
  34. 21:12 Audrey Belf, 24, Arlington, VA
  35. 21:23 Ellen Isaac, 25, Akron, OH
  36. 21:40 Dianne Fisher, 36, Rocky River, OH
  37. 21:55 Hannah Thompson, 24, Canton, OH
Canton Podium: Elly Henes (3rd), Taylor Werner (1st), and Emily Durgin (2nd). (Photo by Karen Mitchell)
Podium: Elly Henes, Taylor Werner, and Emily Durgin with executive director Jim Chaney and race director Tina Oprean. (Photo by Karen Mitchell)
Taylor Werner and Emily Durgin around 3 miles have separated from the deep field at the Women’s 6K Championship in Canton.
Taylor Werner of Chapel Hill, NC sprints to the finish on Market Street in Downtown Canton. Werner won in 18:21.
Taylor Werner of Chapel Hill, NC wins the USATF Women’s 6K Championship in Canton with a 18:21. Check who is holding the banner – Deena Kastor!
Emily Durgin places second in 18:27.
Elly Henes of Raleigh, NC places third in her first pro race. Henes won the NCAA 5000 meter race last month, running for NC State.
Fiona O’Keeffe of Chapel Hill, NC finishing fourth in 18:41.
Fiona O’Keeffe of Chapel Hill takes fourth, one second ahead of Katrina Coogan. They were timed at 18:41 and 18:42.
Annie Frisbie of Minneapolis, MN sprints home in 18:46, good for sixth place.
Sara Sutherland of Boulder racing toward the finish with Emily de La Bruyere of Washington, DC.
Podium Taylor Werner (1st, left), Elly Henes (3rd, center), and Emily Durgin (2nd, right) enjoy a short jaunt with USA flags.
USATF 6K Top 10 in finish order from left to right: Werner, Durgin, Henes, O’Keeffe, Coogan, Frisbie, Flanagan, Buchalski, Nukuri, and Alm
Boulder’s Maddie Alm with Darren DeReuck after the 6K. Alm finished 10th in the deep élite field.
Canton, OH Deputy Mayor Fonda P. Williams II with his granddaughter Makenzie Kirksey. Smiles to a successful world class event in Canton.
Deena Kastor with Makenzie Kirksey in downtown Canton after the Women’s 6K Championship.
Taylor Werner of Chapel Hill, NC is a happy winner of the USATF Women’s 6K Championship in Canton, Ohio. (Photo by Karen Mitchell)
Emily Durgin is all smiles after placing second in the USATF Women’s 6K Championship in Canton, OH. (Photo by Clay Shaw)
Race director Jim Chaney with Mickey Piscitelli and Darren DeReuck of USATF after the Women’s 6K Championship in Canton, OH. (Photo by Karen Mitchell)
Carrie Dimoff, Lindsay Flanagan, Diane Nukuri with Deena Kastor after the Women’s 6K Championship in Canton, OH. (Photo by Karen Mitchell)
Taylor Werner, the 6K champion poses with a young fan after the Canton race. (Photo by Karen Mitchell)
Friend of Taylor Werner’s family Stan Stammen, who even coached Taylor’s dad in high school. (Photo by Karen Mitchell)
Emily Ambrose of Cleveland is happy with the win of the open division which started five minutes after the elite race. 309 women completed the open 6K. 37 finished the elite division.
Women’s 6K: Smiles and medals and sunglasses on top of heads after the race. (Photo by Karen Mitchell)
Canton, Ohio hosted a great event, and all finishers were awarded awesome medals after crossing the finish line. (Photo by Clay Shaw)

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