Blood, Knestout Win 30th Spirit of Gettysburg 5K

By Clay Shaw

GETTYSBURG, PA, JUNE 19, 2021—Ryan Blood of Carlisle, often a winner in many Harrisburg Area races, zipped through the Gettysburg Battlefield course in 14:57.  The course, which went from the Gettysburg YWCA on US 30, and by the Peace Light, may need a new home for 2022 due to a new mandate not allowing races of the Gettysburg Park Battlefield. 

Chris McCabe of Mechanicsburg was second in 16:00.  Luke Milhimes of Gettysburg was third in 16:38.

Brian Roseberg of Mechanicsburg was top master and sixth overall in 17:20.  Fellow master Mark Clowney of New Oxford was second master and seventh overall in 17:40.

Maura Knestolt of Sykesville, MD was the top in the women’s division in 18:26.  Maura ran in the 2020 Atlanta Olympic Trials (as Maura Linde).  Maura is the Assistant Coach of XC and Track at Johns Hopkins University.  Former champ Sherry Stick of Eldersburg, MD was second overall and top master in 19:36.  Arynne Moody of Gardners, PA was third in 20:40.  Gettysburg sisters Kelty Oaster and Winter Oaster took fourth and fifth in 20:49 and 21:07. 455 runners finished in 2021, up from 447 in 2019 (when the race was last held).

Here’s hoping for an alternate course in 2022 to continue the great racing tradition.

Top Men

  1. 14:57 Ryan Blood, 35, Carlisle
  2. 15:58 Chris McCabe, 31, Mechanicsburg
  3. 16:38 Luke Millhimes, 20, Gettysburg
  4. 17:02 Drew Cole, 17, Gettysburg
  5. 17:08 Sam Douds, 19, Gettysburg
  6. 17:20 Brian Rosenberg, 43, Mechanicsburg
  7. 17:40 Mark Clowney, 44, New Oxford

Top Women

  1. 18:26 Maura Knestout, 28, Sykesville. MD
  2. 19:36 Sherry Stick, 43, Eldersburg, MD
  3. 20:40 Arynne Moody, 35, Gardners
  4. 20:49 Kelty Oaster, 19, Gettysburg
  5. 21:07 Winter Oaster, 15, Gettysburg
  6. 21:37 Emily Spangler, 23, Gettysburg
  7. 21:44 Robin Alexander, 31, Camp Hill
Sykesville, Maryland’s Tri Sport team of Becky Rhodes #397, Sherry Stick #361, and Maura Knestout #353. All top ten finishers, Rhodes 9th, Stick 2nd, and Knestout the women’s champ.
The Young family heads to the finish. Molly #303 ran 33:43. Mason 33:49, and mom Alyssa 33:40.
Brian Rosenberg of Mechanicsburg placed sixth overall and top master in 17:20.
Kelly McKinley of York #256 races Lavinia Vigue #203 of Durham, CT. McKinley was 12th in 22:05, Vigue was 13th in 22:06.
Chris McCabe of Mechanicsburg placed second overall in 15:58.
Arynne Moody of Gardners, PA, finishes third in 20:40.
Ryan Blood of Carlisle wins the 2021 Spirit of Gettysburg 5K in 14:57.
Maura Knestout of Sykesville, MD wins the Spirit of Gettysburg 5K in 18:26. Maura competed in the USA Olympic Marathon Trials in Atlanta on Feb 29, 2020.
The Spirit of Gettysburg course has a stretch of US 30, the Lincoln Highway, just West of Gettysburg.

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