Limo and Magut Set Broad Street Records and Avoid Pouring Rain

by Clay Shaw
with photos by Clay Shaw and Karen Mitchell

Philadelphia, PA, April 30, 2923, Independence Blue Cross Broad Street Run 10-Miler—Cynthia Limo of Kenya took off from the 5-woman lead group in the Temple University area and went on to set a new Broad Street Run record of 50:56. Limo took 68 seconds off the old record. The 43rd Broad Street 10-Mile Run finished between the Sixers arena and the Eagles Stadium.

Amber Zimmerman of Philadelphia was second and top American in 52:16. Sarah Naibei of Kenya, the 2022 champ, was third in 52:26. Weynshet Weldetsadik of Ethiopia was fifth in 53:24. Mercy Chepkurui of Kenya was fifth in 53:42. Julie Roman-Duval of Columbia, MD was the top master in 57:33, placing twentieth.

Raymond Magut and Panuel Mkungo, both of Kenya, broke away from a 7-man pack near the halfway point. Going around City Hall, Magut took off and left Mkungo. Magut went on to win in 45:14, which tied the course record of Patrick Cheruiyot set in 2007. Aidan Reed of Boulder, CO was third and top American in 46:02. James Ngandu of Kenya was fourth in 46:30. Shadrack Keter of Kenya was fifth in 46:48. Sergio Reyes of Palmdale, CA was tenth and top master in 48:31.

27,733 runners finished the 10 Miler. Other than the first few elites, most of the runners had to endure heavy rain. 58 non-binary athletes finished. Cain Leathers of Philadelphia was the top non-binary in 53:32. Tony Nogueira of Glen Ridge, NJ was the top wheelchair competitor in 39:44. Emelia Perry of Philadelphia was top wheelchair woman in 40:30. Your photographers took off quickly to avoid camera damage; we did, however, get soaked and left South Philly in record time.

Top Women

  1. 50:56 Cynthia Limo, 33, Kenya
  2. 52:16 Amber Zimmerman, 30, Philadelphia, PA
  3. 52:56 Sarah Naibei, 24, Kenya
  4. 53:24 Weynshet Weldetsadik, 27, Ethiopia
  5. 53:42 Mercy Chepkurui, 22, Kenya
  6. 53:52 Maegan Krifchin, 35, Cambridge, MA
  7. 53:54 Regan Rome, 27, Providence, RI
  8. 53:55 Elena Hayday, 23, Bethesda, MD
  9. 56:15 Diane Neubauer, 34, Ambler, PA
  10. 56:19 Kayla Lampe, 30, Philadelphia, PA
  11. 56:20 Ellen Feringa, 26, Philadelphia, PA
  12. 56:43 Emily de La Bruyere, 30, Washington, DC
  13. 56:46 Sydney Leiher, 28, Washington, DC
  14. 56:48 Abigail Corrigan, 24, Philadelphia, PA
  15. 56:49 Leila Mantilla, 28, New York, NY
  16. 57:01 Cleo Whiting, 28, Washington, DC
  17. 57:13 Hannah Rowe, 31, Boston, MA
  18. 57:24 Rosie Mascoli, 31, Carlisle, PA
  19. 57:27 Hannah Cocchiaro, 31, Baltimore, MD
  20. 57:33 Julia Roman-Duval, 40, Columbia, MD

Top Men

  1. 45:14 Raymond Magut, 24, Kenya
  2. 45:38 Panuel Mkungo, 29, Kenya
  3. 46:02 Aidan Reed, 25, Boulder, CO
  4. 46:30 James Ngandu, 33, Kenya
  5. 46:48 Shadrack Keter, 22, Kenya
  6. 46:58 Yenew Alamirew Getahun, Ethiopia
  7. 47:00 Joshua Izewski, 33, Blowing Rock, NC
  8. 48:12 Simon Kimunge, 23, Kenya
  9. 48:18 Matthew Pereira, 24, New York, NY
  10. 48:31 Sergio Reyes, 41, Palmdale, CA
  11. 48:46 Owen Ritz, 23, Washington, DC
  12. 48:53 Pardon Ndhlovu, 35, Zimbabwe
  13. 48:55 Zack Holden, 23, Washington, DC
  14. 48:59 Kevin Wood, 29, Winooski, VT
  15. 49:10 Paul Matuszak, 36, Huntingdon Valley, PA
  16. 49:26 Tyler Pennel, 35, Blowing Rock, NC
  17. 49:33 Ben Szuhaj, 26, Washington, DC
  18. 49:36 Phil Royer, 32, Boston, MA
  19. 49:36 Max Norris, 28, Narberth, PA
  20. 49:50 James Dickinson, 28, East Northport, NY
27,733 total finishers despite the rain that came less than a hour into the 2023 Broad Street 10 Mile Run.
Shadrack Keter, Panuel Mkungo #14, Raymond Magut #11, and Aidan Reed #22 set the pace at the 2023 Broad Street Run.
The lead women stride by Temple University in the 2023 Blue Cross Broad Street 10 Mile Run
Temple University cheerleaders cheer on the athletes.
Amber Zimmerman #F2 of Philadelphia runs in the 5-woman lead pack with Weynshet Weldetsadik, Mercy Chepkurui #F17, Cynthia Limo #F11, and Sarah Naibei #F1.
Cynthia Limo of Kenya is the lone woman passing City Hall. Male runners run along side. Zachary Marmol of Venetia, PA and Siraj Gena Amda of New York City seem to enjoy Limo’s fast pace. Marmot (middle) was seen from the press truck drafting off Limo for approximately five miles.
Cynthia Limo of Kenya is focused as she surges forward into the lead. She went on to shatter the old course record by 68 seconds!
Raymond Magut of Kenya is on course-record pace going under Interstate 76. Magut tied the 2007 mark of Patrick Cheruiyot, also of Kenya. Magut & Cheruiyot share the 45:14 record.
Cynthia Limo of Kenya flashes a happy smile with a win and new race record of 50:56.
Amber Zimmerman of Philadelphia is all business as she sprints to a new PB, second place overall, and top American in 52:16.
Amber Zimmerman of Philadelphia is second overall and top American in 52:16.
Aidan Reed of Boulder, CO was third overall and top American in 46:02.
Maegan Krifchin of Cambridge, MA charges home in 53:52, good for sixth place and second American. Known for quick recovery, Maegan ran the Boston Marathon 13 days prior to the Broad Street Run.
James Ngandu of Kenya, based in Columbus, Ohio, finishes fourth in 46:30. James won the 2022 Houston Marathon.
Joshua Izewski of Blowing Rock, NC finishes seventh and second American in 47:00.
Matthew Pereira of New York, NY finished ninth overall and third American in 48:18.
Kayla Lampe of Philadelphia finishes tenth in 56:19.
Sergio Reyes of Palmdale, CA finished tenth with a double-dip as top master and fourth American in 48:31.
Hillary Wool of Philadelphia finishing the Broad Street 10 Miler.
Owen Ritz of Washington, DC was fifth American and eleventh overall in 48:46.
Scott McGeary of Harrisburg runs 55:00 in the BSR.
Rosie Mascoli of Carlisle, PA is happy with 57:24 and 18th place. 42 women broke an hour in the 2023 Broad Street Run.
Mackenzie Greenfield of Old Forge, PA was 24th in 57:50.
Peri Pavicic of Washington, DC ran 58:58 for 31st place in the strong BSR elite field.
Georganne Watson of Phoenixville, PA ran 59:43.
Becca Ades of Brooklyn, NY sprints to the finish in 1:00:44. The rain really started drenching everyone at this point, and we packed up and called it a day.
Abigail Corrigan of Philadelphia finishes 14th in 56:48. Lelia Mantilla of New York was one second back in 56:49.
Julia Roman-Duval of Columbia, MD finishes as top master and twentieth in 57:33.
Laurel Le Moigne of Springfield, VA finishes 36th in 59:27. An amazing 42 women broke the hour mark.
Cassidy Nagle of Philadelphia finishes in 1:01:18. The rain was really coming down at this point, and we left.

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  1. why can’t you publish “senior” times??


    • Hi Jay! Thanks for your interest in RG!! As you’ve seen, we generally print only a short list of actual results, as races have full results on their websites. We mention newsworthy results of athletes of any ages and print photos if we have them. We also publish featured stories by and about seniors.


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