Gerstenbacher and Garner-Valle triumphant in RAR #25

by Clay Shaw

Lancaster, PA, April 29, 2023, YWCA Race Against Racism 5K—After a rainy night and early morning, the rain stopped for the 25th Running of the YWCA Race Against Racism 5k in Lancaster, PA.  The Lancaster RAR is the oldest such event in the USA.

The surprise of the day was 13-year old Ruby Garner-Valle, an eighth-grader from Lancaster finishing first among women in 19:46.

Stephanie Pryor of Lancaster was right behind Ruby in 19:49.  Leah Mayer of New Providence, PA was third in 20:10.  Kellsey Wagman of Lancaster was fourth in 20:27.  Maureen Peralta of Lancaster was fifth and top master in 20:32.

Samuel Gerstenbacher of Lancaster won the men’s race in 15:09. It was the fastest winning time by an American runner in 24 years.

Josh Sadlock of Harrisburg was second for the second straight year in 15:30. David Rumsey of Harrisburg was third in 15:55.  Ciaran Fisher of Marion Station, PA was fourth in 16:08, and 2-time Red Rose Run 5 Miler champ Otis Ubriaco of Lancaster was fifth in 16:13.  The masters champ was Mark Oles was 19th in 19:06.

Sasha Carle of Millersville, PA was the top non-binary finisher in 22:00.

1828 total runners crossed the finish line. 

It was a privilege to serve on the large, hard-working RAR race committee on one of the premier running events in Central Pennsylvania.  

Top Women

  1. 19:46 Ruby Garner-Valle, 13, Lancaster
  2. 19:49 Stephanie Pryor, 31, Lancaster
  3. 20:10 Leah Mayer, 31, New Providence
  4. 20:27 Kellsey Wagman, 32, Lancaster
  5. 20:32 Maureen Peralta, 40, Lancaster
  6. 21:43 Sabrina Hess, 17, Lancaster
  7. 21:57 Dixie Bonner, 31, Stevens
  8. 21:45 Erika Martino, 36, Lancaster
  9. 22:20 Carly Allport, 26, Lancaster
  10. 23:12 Megan Fessler-McCarthy, 32, Lancaster

Top Men

  1. 15:09 Samuel Gerstenbacher, 25, Lancaster
  2. 15:30 Joshua Sadlock, 33, Harrisburg
  3. 15:55 David Rumsey, 35, Harrisburg
  4. 16:08 Ciaran Fisher, 26, Marion Heights
  5. 16:13 Otis Ubriaco, 29, Lancaster
  6. 16:25 Derek Kendig, 18, Lancaster
  7. 16:53 Brian Petraco, 34, East Petersburg
  8. 16:59 John Matthews, 28, Lancaster
  9. 17:10 Eric Rowits, 37, New Holland
  10. 17:10 Adam Moore, 35, Wrightsville
13-year-old Ruby Garner-Valle shares a moment with her proud mom, Nadine, after her 19:46 overall win at the 25th YWCA Race Against Racism 5K (Photo by Clay Shaw)
Samuel Gerstenbacher of Lancaster wins the 2023 YWCA Race Against Racism 5K in 15:09. It was the fastest American winning time in 24 years.
Ruby Garner-Valle, 13, of Lancaster sprints toward the finish to win the overall victory in 19:46. Mike Craighead who could end up as Ruby’s high school coach said: “Remember the name!”
Stephanie Pryor of Lancaster was second in 19:49.
Josh Sadlock of Harrisburg makes the good choice (instead of pouring rain on Broad Street). Sadlock was second in 15:30.
Leah Maher of New Providence, PA pushes the uphill to place third in 20:10. Sharing the charge is F & M Track Club teammate Dan Nephin of Lancaster.
David Rumsey of Harrisburg sprints up Chestnut Street to earn third place in 15:55.
Ciaran Fisher of Marion Heights, PA was fourth overall in 16::08. Fisher ran at Susquehanna University.
Otis Ubriaco of Lancaster was fifth in 16:13. Ubriaco is the two-time winner of the Red Rose Run.
The top five overall men at the 25th YWCA Race Against Racism 5K. From left to right by place: Samuel Gerstenbacher (1), Josh Sadlock (2), David Rumsey (3), Ciaran Fisher (4) and Otis Ubriaco (5). (Photo by Clay Shaw)
Carly Allport of Lancaster was eighth in 22:20.
Getting the attention of the crowd, Eric Rowits of New Holland and Adam Moore of Wrightsville go all in on finish sprint. Both men place in the top ten in 17:10.
Mark Oles of Lancaster was top master, 19th overall in 19:06.
Kenneth Bell of Lancaster and the F & M Track Club ran 21:07 and placed third in the 55-59 age group.
A young 5K runner gives a huge effort to race the clock at the finish of the YWCA Race Against Racism 5K.
Bonnie Stoeckl of Pequea, PA was the winner of the 65-69 age group in 24:13.

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