Poet’s Corner for May 2023

by George A. Hancock

Green Trees

May brings green trees
To our running sprees 
Our ridges are in full leaf
A view far from brief. 

Green trees provide shade 
For any lunchtime parade
Or those running after work
When hot weather is berserk.

Runners find a nice view
While we run past in shoes
These trees are full of life
Strong against daily strife. 

I run in a green tree place
They create a happy face
Concrete jungles are poor
Without trees at your door. 

Green trees for many miles
Produce a few road smiles 
Trail runners enjoy them too
Especially in May when new.


Monday begins May’s run
Now out in the spring sun
31 days of great weather 
As we run by green heather.

The 14th is Mother’s Day
So we utter a Hooray! 
For the moms on the run
And all moms never done.

The 30th is Memorial Day
We pause, salute, and pray
Summer’s season also begins
Amidst these warm day spins.

May running days are great
Road scenes are first rate
Green trees spread far out
On my early running route.

Warmer mornings are nice
Enjoy them is my advice
Soon it’s summer’s season
And we run for this reason.

Treasure Piles

Out Here, May brings piles
And many collector smiles
There’s treasure in that stash
And no, it’s not corned beef hash.

Local communities have trash days
I run by treasure piles on the byways
There’s miles and miles of good stuff
And bad, but folks can’t get enough.

Trucks and cars slow and take a look
At treasures needing no checkbook
Most communities allow one to pick
And choose but one needs to be quick.

So many folks are out on these roads
Seeking that perfect May junk loads
Looking for items that they can sell
And perhaps watch their coffers swell.

I do look, examine as I run on by
So many things tossed out I sigh
But happy to know, for good use
Many items not to landfill abuse.

Light Clothes

May weather means light clothes
As the winter season decomposes
Our spring season is in full swing
The happiness meter does a ding! 

Warmer May temps are first rate
They improve our running gait
We store our winter road gear
And run free without snow fear.

May running in Tee and shorts
Does improve our racing sports
And also our daily road run
Beneath that warm spring sun.

Running in that gentle breeze
With our mind and soul at ease
Beats struggling in icy winds
That slap our lower shins.

Light clothes are a faster spree
In weather that we all agree
Is perfect for a roadside spin
During May runners do win.

Morning Traffic

I run in the early morn
Up early and never torn
About sleeping in or out
To my local road route. 

Morning traffic is steady
As folks driving get ready
For the daily work grind
Which could be unkind.

I’m retired and outside
Running as many ride
By this daily road guy
And I hear their sigh.

I’m running out and back
On this morning run attack
While the cars drive to work
Where numerous things lurk.

Soon, I’m running home
After my running roam
Often, I’ll send a wave
At motorists so grave.

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