Poet’s Corner for April 2023

by George A. Hancock

Green is Keen

Saturday begins April’s run
Now beneath spring’s sun 
The sun plus April’s rain
Steadily soaks our plane.

The end result is rich green
Creeping along our road scene
My run view is spring green
And this new growth is keen.

My run in every direction 
Views this green perfection
Mother Nature at her best
Pleasing this running pest.

The road shrubs grow nice 
Get outside is my advice
Every trail or roadside run
Displays April’s green fun.

Even in some cooler weather
We run past greening heather
Our road scene is so alive
As spring enters overdrive.

On an Easter Run

April 9 is Easter Sunday
Kinda early but still OK
A mild winter here again
Helped our roadside spin. 

Folks love Easter minus snow
We appreciate the spring glow
Daily running is very easy
When the winds are breezy.

Some folks decorate outside
Coloring my daily road ride
Running by decorated trees
Creates smiles on my sprees.

I’m still not running very far
A compressed nerve is bizarre
Slow and steady is my goal
As we wait a surgical tool.

An Easter prayer on a run
Often wishes for more sun
That’s a grand Easter treat
Pleasing the road athletes.


April begins on a Saturday 
As spring greens our way
April’s weather gives birth
To areas around our Earth.

The color green is spread
Creating a delightful bed
Soon many colorful flowers
Will highlight spring powers. 

Sure, some snow might fall
But spring now stands tall
The snow is short lived, gone
Before your early morn yawn.

We see life on any April run
This growth aided by the sun
Critters love spring’s season
For food and other reasons. 

It’s April and rain will fall 
Soaking our roadside ball 
Dri-fit clothes always help
Preventing that run yelp.

Tree Debris

I run by tree debris
During every road spree 
Back running in the dark
I hurdle over tree bark.

I run with a good light
Illuminating my road sight
Thinner tree branches hide 
Catching me in early stride.

In places, there’s dead trees
Hundreds leaning towards me
Strong winds bring then down
Crashing and making me frown.

Sometimes, trees block the road
And I run around the broken load
Traffic faces that tree roadblock
Now stuck in a natural gridlock.

I’ve heard and seen trees falling
On the run it’s a strange calling
Running aware helps my run
Since tree debris is never fun.

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