Makarevich and Favorito win Delaware Marathon; Fish and Farber Win Half Marathon

by Clay Shaw

Wilmington, DE, April 23, 2023—Both Elena Makarevich and Dave Favorito won the Delaware Marathon by wide margins at the Delaware Running Festival organized by Corrigan Sports Enterprises.

Makarevich of Gaithersburg, MD won in 3:11:38. The 44-year-old masters runner won by over eight minutes.  Dave Favorito of Galloway, NJ won in 2:37:52 with a seven-minute gap to his rivals.

Courtney Mann of Ellicott City, MD was second in 3:19:56.  Svetlana Volkova of Sertolovo, Russia was third in 3:24:03.  In the men’s race Wyatt Schug of Charlottesville, VA was second in 2:44:57.  Ryan Fan of Baltimore was third in 2:46:51. Brian Blankmeyer of Downingtown, PA was top master and eighth overall in 2:57:15.  The first half of the marathon and all the shorter races toured downtown Wilmington and city parks.  The second half of the marathon, the “full” as some people like to call it, travelled out and back on the Wilmington Waterfront and Jack Markell Trail to New Castle, Delaware.

Lauren Jean Fish of Townsend, DE, known as “LJ” has happy to break the tape in the first ever road race win, with a 1:30:48 in the half marathon.  Jason Farber of Baltimore, on the Falls Road Running Team broke the men’s tape in 1:19:24.

Brittany Ann Cool of Wilmington (45:26) and Julian Jones (36:35) were the overall winners of the 10k. Kaitlin Kipp of Avondale, PA (19:40), and Dashiell Rogers of West Point, NY (17:17) were tops in the 5K. The Delaware Running Festival drew 1634 runners across the four finish lines.  The distance races had the most with 454 in the marathon and 736 in the half marathon.  The 10k just outdrew the 5k, 228 to 226.

Full Race Results

Top Women Marathon

  1. 3:11:38 Elena Makarevich, 44, Gaithersburg, MD
  2. 3:19:56 Courtney Mann, 23, Ellicott City, MD
  3. 3:24:03 Svetlana Volkova, 34, Sertolovo, Russia
  4. 3:25:03 Eliza Mummert, 27, Baltimore, MD
  5. 3:25:49 Ritanne Duszak, 44, Haddon Township, NJ
  6. 3:26:36 Emily Magoon, 23, Ellicott City, MD
  7. 3:28:21 Justine Stocks, 31, North East, MD
  8. 3:29:51 Bridget Egan, 25, Broomall, PA
  9. 3:30:02 Caroline Arnold, 24 Bala Cynwyd, PA
  10. 3:30:21 Roberta Cathcart, 44, Ellicott City, MD

Top Men Marathon

  1. 2:37:52 Dave Favorito, 35, Galloway, NJ
  2. 2:44:57 Wyatt Schug, 23, Charlottesville, VA
  3. 2:46:51 Ryan Fan, 26, Baltimore, MD
  4. 2:48:21 Carter Smith, 30, Charleston, SC
  5. 2:53:31 Liam Stewart, 26, Summit, NJ
  6. 2:53:55 Matthew Buck, 19, Spokane, WA
  7. 2:56:22 Seamus Caslin, 22, Washington, DC
  8. 2:57:15 Brian Blankmeyer, 40, Downingtown, PA
  9. 2:57:24 Kyle Kasprenski, 18, Columbia, NJ
  10. 2:58:35 Evan Shipley, 29, Lemoyne, PA

Top Women Half Marathon

  1. 1:30:48 Lauren Jean Fish, 33, Townsend, DE
  2. 1:34:05 Linda Schiameister-Gess, 35, Wilmington, DE
  3. 1:34:40 Sara Rankin, 26, Springfield, PA

Top Men Half Marathon

  1. 1:19:24 Jason Farber, 38, Baltimore, MD
  2. 1:23:22 Thomas Goetz, 26, Wilmington, DE
  3. 1:23:38 Christopher Gordon, 37, Melbourne, FL
Denise Kauffman of Fort Lauderdale, FL ran 3:41:46 and won the 60-64 age group, 21st overall
Meghan McGoldrick of Philadelphia, happy at Mie 25. She finished 18th in 3:39:44.
Max Gorelik of Morton, PA finishes his 56th marathon in 3:39:08.
Emily Magoon of Ellicott City, MD was sixth in 3:26:36.
Ritanne Duszak of Haddon Township, NJ was fifth and second master in 3:25:49
Svetlana Volkova of Sertolovo, Russia was third in 3:24:03.
Elena Makarevich of Gaithersburg, MD looks great at Mile 25 and won easily in 3:11:38.
Ryan Fan of Baltimore was third in the Delaware Marathon in 2:46:51.
Dave Favorito of Galloway, NJ wins the Delaware Marathon in 2:37:52.
The Delaware Marathon went out and back on the scenic Wilmington Riverfront and the Jack Markell Trail.
Lauren Jean “LJ” Fish of Townsend, DE wins the half marathon in 1:30:48.
Jason Farber of Baltimore wins the half marathon in 1:19:24.
Lookout Wilmington!!! Here comes Fireball.
Brittany Ann Cool of Wilmington, DE wins the 10K in 45:26.
Kaitlin Kipp of Avondale, PA earns the 5K win in 19:40.
Julian Jones of Elkton, MD breaks the tape of the 10k in 36:35. Andrei Ridzel of Baltimore was three seconds back in 36:39.
Delaware Distance Classic runners head up Walnut Street in Wilmington, DE.
Thomas Bailey of Michigan races with Meaghan Murray of Baltimore who did a 2:47:10 to place 60th.

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  1. why don’t the senior results get posted? 65+ broken down in 5 year increments- male & female


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