Eltz and Pizzirusso Star in Rudy Park 5 Miler

By Clay Shaw
Photography by Clay Shaw and Karen Mitchell

Emigsville, PA, December 31, 2022—Lyla Eltz, 12, of Hanover has been running the York Winter Series races for years and has been improving from running the mile races to running 5Ks and 5 milers. Lyla rocked a 31:51 to win the women’s division of the Rudy Park 5 Miler. She won by over a minute, with talented women runners joining her on the podium. Only seventeen men of the 281-runner field finished ahead of Lyla. Rebecca Doner of Mt. Wolf, who lives nearly on the course, was second in 33:00.  Lindsay Pridgen of Harrisburg was third in 33:15. Both women are Boston Marathon veterans. Additional young women (teenagers) placed fourth and fifth, as Leah Navarro of Seven Valleys was fourth in 33:53 and Nicole Register of Jacobus was fifth in 34:07. The first master was Sarah Huss Wenger of Dallastown who was seventh overall in 35:04.

Andrew Pizzirusso of Wallingford, PA won again, taking his fourth straight York Winter Series race, in 27:35. Jeremiah “JT” Hetrick of Millersville was second in 27:58. Josiah McCarthy of Lancaster was third in 28:00. Isaac Covert of Shippensburg was fourth in 28:06. Dellas Edmisten III of York was fifth in 29:14. Runners 23 and younger took the top eight places. Master runners Andrew Hartman of Dover (30:43) and Eric Ferree of Seven Valleys (30:54) placed ninth and tenth.

With ideal running weather and a reasonable course, the times up front were fast and the 281 finisher count was among the highest in the race history.

Lyla Eltz won the mile, too; her time was 6:11. Lyla’s sister Lorelei Eltz age 8 ran 7:32. 131 runners did the mile event, with many doubling-up and doing the five miler as well. Kaleb Kabakjian of Conestoga, PA was the champ in 5:35. 

Women’s 1-Mile Run

  1. 6:11 Lyla Eltz, 12, Hanover
  2. 6:15 Nicole Register, 19, Jacobus
  3. 6:23 Minh Nguyen, 14, York

Men’s 1-Mile Run

  1. 5:35 Kaleb Kabakjian, 17, Conestoga
  2. 5:40 Jacob Roskovensky, 14, Dallastown
  3. 5:59 Nathaniel Pardoe, 28, York

Women’s 5-Mile Run

  1. 31:51 Lyla Eltz, 12, Hanover
  2. 33:00 Rebecca Doner, 33, Mt Wolf
  3. 33:15 Lindsay Pridgen, 30, Harrisburg
  4. 33:53 Leah Navarro, 13, Seven Valleys
  5. 34:07 Nicole Register, 19, Jacobus
  6. 34:56 Kelly Rose, 34, Dover
  7. 35:04 Sarah Wenger, 41, Dallastown
  8. 36:26 Kristen Guerrini, 46, York
  9. 36:53 BJ Heistand, 44, Wrightsville
  10. 37:30 Rae Sandt, 14, Conestoga

Men’s 5-Mile Run

  1. 27:35 Andrew Pizzirusso, 23, Wallingford
  2. 27:58 Jeremiah Hetrick, 19, Millersville
  3. 28:00 Josiah McCarthy, 22, Lancaster
  4. 28:06 Isaac Covert, 23, Shippensburg
  5. 29:14 Dellas Edmisten III, 20, York
  6. 29:44 Anthony Roselli, 19, York
  7. 29:49 Kaleb Kabakjian, 17, Conestoga
  8. 30:41 Austin Tyler, 17, Hanover
  9. 30:43 Andrew Hartman, 43, Dover
  10. 30:54 Eric Ferree, 44, Seven Valleys
Kelly McKinley of York #550, has run over 50 marathons. She finished 13th in 38:44.
Lindsay Pridgen of Harrisburg was third in 33:15. Leah Navarro of Seven Valleys was fourth in 33:53.
Josiah McCarthy of Lancaster leads the chase pack around the Crist Field turn. McCarthy finished third in 28:00, Dellas Edmisten III of York with the F & M kit was fifth in 29:14.
Janice and Matthew Wright of Pylesville, MD enjoy the Rudy Park 5 miler along with Christina Beaverson of York.
Millie Sweitzer, 8, of Red Lion smiles through the miles. Yes, the 5 miler, not the mile, in 47:20.
Nancy Rossi of York runs up the Codorus Creek bridge in the Rudy Park 5-miler.
“Speedo” Mike Womelsdorf of Etters, who often is a pacer in marathons, runs a 36:21.
Rebecca Doner of Mount Wolf, running on her home turf, was second in 33:00.
Dan and Ashley Reeves of Mechanicsburg enjoy the Rudy Park 5 miler. Megan Linch #296 of York and Nina Kenney #274 of Dallastown join the group.
Karen and Kelly Hendricks of Mechanicsburg run together in the Rudy Park 5 Miler.
Jeremiah “JT” Hetrick of Millersville, PA was second overall in 27:58.
Andrew Pizzirusso of Wallingford, PA routinely wins each York Winter Series race. Here he wins Rudy Park 5 Miler in 27:35.
McKenna Kirkpatrick 8, of Dover, PA finishes the mile with a smile in 8:52.
Ella McDonald 8, of Manchester, PA finishes the mile in 8:35 with her dad just behind her.
Linus Matseur, 11, of Mount Wolf rocks the mile run in 8:00 at the northern end of the NCR/York Heritage Rail Trail in Rudy Park.
Lorelei Eltz, 8, of Hanover, PA delights her family in the background with her 7:32 clocking.
Lyla Eltz, 12, of Hanover, PA runs with the “big dogs” in the mile run. She won in 6:11, then won the 5-miler, too, in 31:51.

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