Poet’s Corner January 2023

by George A. Hancock


In January, we begin anew
A new year and another view
Of life steadily moving on by
As many folks stop and sigh.

Runners are a different breed
Moving every day is the creed
Runners are out and about
Touring their seasonal route.

January means a new log book 
For running data that has a hook
We record all about our run
Also noting the days were fun.

Year 2023 is fresh and new
Sadly, many live minus a clue
Hibernating is a poor choice
Get outside, yells a loud voice.

January presents new start
Now, just begin you part
Stay active and move around
Even if it’s snowy ground.

Bringing More Light

Mid-January brings more light
A point that creates delight 
For this runner on the road
Pursuing another run episode. 

The sun angle up in the sky
Is climbing and we know why
This increased light is a treat
For the runners on their feet. 

Evening runners see more light 
As daylight grows their sight
Even though the weather’s cold
We run outside always bold. 

Sunny bright days are nice
Those bright rays melt the ice 
From the roads and the ground
So, we run safety all around. 

Every new day pushes us along
Towards the vibrant spring song
By January’s end runners win
And prepare for February’s spin.

January Cold 

It’s January and winter’s cold
Outside it’s just the road bold
Strong winds and blowing snow
Create a January cold show.

Sometimes sub-zero road days
Never heat up in sunny rays
Day after day of bitter cold
Is an event we say gets old. 

Running outside in full gear 
Earns a stare or a long leer 
Not many get out and run
In months without warm sun.

It’s cold but there’s more light
Illuminating our road flight 
Each day moves runners on
Towards a fresh spring dawn. 

Many areas see January mild
Minus the weather gone wild
I like this notion on my run
Milder weather is more fun.

On A 50-Year Run 

1973 was a long time ago 
Watergate created a show
I was at UPJ in my 3rd year
So young without any fear.

One day on a late spring day
I decided to resume run play
I ran in school and the roads
Preparing for sport episodes.

I remember having the time
And for me running’s no crime
I headed to the Richland track
And began my running attack.

Year 2023 marks my 50th year
As a happy road runner in gear
I stopped racing but run on
Now chasing the next dawn.

Miles run at 108,000+ is high
As I run daily under the sky
2023 begins my seventh decade
My goal is running till I fade.

Editor’s Note: Congratulations George! You have reached an amazing milestone and we applaud you!

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