Zimmerman Wins Her Hometown Marathon and Sets a Personal Best

By Clay Shaw
Photography by Clay Shaw and Karen Mitchell

Philadelphia, PA, November 20, 2022, Philadelphia Marathon—Amber Zimmerman of Philadelphia charged through the streets of Philadelphia despite the cold temperatures and strong winds. She had a two-minute lead on the rest of the women’s field with a 1:13:25 at halfway. She won in a personal best of 2:31:35, despite a slowdown in the latter miles. 

Maegan Krifchin of Cambridge, MA was running strong in the second half of the race and came within five seconds of Zimmerman by the finish line, clocking a 2:31:42. 

Fantu Zewude Jifar of Ethiopia was third in 2:33:04. Damaris Areba of Kenya was fourth in 2:33:53. Kerry Allen of Washington, DC was fifth in 2:39:49. Stephanie Pezzullo of Ocala, FL was top master and seventh overall in 2:40:49. Kudos to Central PA friends Rosie Mascoli of Carlisle who was 12th in 2:45:35 and Alyssa Dever of Reading who was 27th in 2:52:34. Both women ran personal bests on a wickedly cold and windy morning.

Dominic Ondoro of Kenya was the men’s champion in 2:14:20. Gilmar Lopes of Brazil was second in 2:15:41. Benard Koech of Kenya was third in 2:15:41. Duncan Koech of Kenya was fourth and top master, in 2:15:41. Stepan Kiselev of Cheboksary, Russia was fifth in 2:16:00. Owen Ritz of Washington, DC was sixth and top American in 2:17:46. 

Despite the cold and windy conditions which made for choices in some folks to wear extra clothes, the weather was a factor in slower times. 8394 hearty individuals finished the marathon, up from 7197 in 2021. The AACR Philadelphia Marathon celebrated it’s 65th running.

Top Women

  1. 2:31:35 Amber Zimmerman, 30, Philadelphia, PA
  2. 2:31:41 Maegan Krifchin, 34, Cambridge, MA
  3. 2:33:04 Fantu Zewude Jifar, 26, Ethiopia
  4. 2:32:53 Damaris Areba, 27, Kenya
  5. 2:39:49 Kerry Allen, 34, Washington, DC
  6. 2:40:31 Sarah Sibert, 23, New York, NY
  7. 2:40:49 Stephanie Pezzullo, 40, Ocala, FL
  8. 2:41:36 Emily de la Bruyere, 29, Washington, DC
  9. 2:41:39 Christina Welch, 26, St Petersburg, FL
  10. 2:41:46 Brittany Moran, 35, Etobicoke, ON, Canada
  11. 2:44:02 Jane Miller, 24, Phoenix, AZ
  12. 2:45:35 Rosie Mascoli, 31, Carlisle, PA
  13. 2:45:41 Leila Mantilla, 28, New York, NY
  14. 2:46:09 Abigail Corrigan, 24, Philadelphia, PA
  15. 2:46:29 Gabriella DeLay, 31, Winston-Salem, NC
  16. 2:46:50 Elaine Estes, 25, Philadelphia, PA
  17. 2:47:25 Kaitlyn Benner, 26, Superior, CO
  18. 2:47:26 Samantha Ragenklint, 21, Philadelphia, PA
  19. 2:48:46 Sarah Morrison, 33, Philadelphia, PA
  20. 2:48:58 Kara Phelps, 32, Lewisburg, PA

Top Men

  1. 2:14:20 Domonic Ondoro, 34, Kenya
  2. 2:15:41 Gilmar Lopes, 33, Brazil
  3. 2:15:41 Benard Koech, 27, Kenya
  4. 2:15:42 Duncan Koech, 40, Kenya
  5. 2:16:00 Stepan Kiselev, 36, Russia
  6. 2:17:46 Owen Ritz. 23, Washington, DC
  7. 2:19:46 Tsegay Tuemay, 26, Eritrea
  8. 2:20:55 Pierre-Lou Billerot, 29, Montreal, QU, Canada
  9. 2:22:02 Scott Loforte, 23, Canandaigua, NY
  10. 2:24:12 Zack Holden, 23, Washington, DC
  11. 2:24:17 Emmett Saulnier, 27, Eugene, OR
  12. 2:24:37 John DeWitt, 31, West Allis, WI
  13. 2:25:01 Felix Cheruiyot Rop, 27, Kenya
  14. 2:25:07 Andrew Gelston, 32, Morris Plains, NJ
  15. 2:25:29 Joseph Whelan, 29, Webster, NY
  16. 2:25:31 Werkuneh Seyoum Aboye, 38, Ethiopia
  17. 2:25:33 Will Rehrig, 29, Middletown, DE
  18. 2:25:37 Collin Frost, 29, Randolph, NJ
  19. 2:25:41 James Daniels, 27, Stratford, NJ
  20. 2:26:20 Michael Stewart, 30, Waterloo, ON, Canada
Amber Zimmerman of Philadelphia wins in 2:31:35.
Dominic Ondoro of Kenya wins in 2:14:20.
Michelle Wheeler of Argyle, TX wins in 2:17:47.
Dan Forry #71 was a pacer for Philadelphia’s own Amber Zimmerman who had a big lead on the Girard Avenue Bridge.
Maegan Krifchin of Cambridge, MA had a strong finish to place second in 2:31:41.
Damaris Areba #115 of Kenya and Maegan Krifchin #153 of Cambridge, MA at nine miles in the Philadelphia Marathon.
Gilmar Lopes #27 of Brazil wins the all-out sprint for second place. Lopes was clocked in 2:15:41. Benard Koech #60 of Kenya had the same time in third place. Duncan Koech of Kenya was one second back in fourth, 2:15:41, and was the top master.
Stepan Kiselev of Cheboksary, Russia was fifth in 2:16:00.
Owen Ritz of Washington, DC was sixth with an OQ of 2:17:46.
Stephanie Pezzullo of Ocala, FL was seventh and top master in 2:40:49.
Emily de la Bruyere of Washington, DC was eighth in 2:41:36.
Scott Loforte of Canandaigua, NY was ninth in 2:22:02.
Zack Holden of Washington, DC trying not to lose hat in the wind gusts. He ran 2:24:12 to place tenth. Joe Maguire of Philadelphia was 31st in 2:30:56.
Emmett Saulnier of Eugene, OR was eleventh in 2:24:17.
Rosie Mascoli of Carlisle, PA on way to PB of 2:45:35 and twelfth place. Her previous PB of 2:49:59 was also in Philadelphia.
Abigail Corrigan of Philadelphia was 14th in 2:46:09.
Samatha Ragenklint of Philadelphia ran 2:47:26 to place 18th.
Kara Phelps of Lewisburg, PA was 20th in 2:48:58. Anthony Swierzbinski of Wilmington, DE ran 2:49:53. Phelps won the York Marathon in May 2022.
Kara Phelps of Lewisburg, PA on the Girard Avenue Bridge on way to personal best of 2:48:58.
Alyssa and Sam Dever of Reading, PA pass the Philadelphia Zoo.
Alyssa Kennedy of Reading was 27th in 2:52:34, a personal best.
Winter Parts of State College, PA was first in the Non-Binary category in 2:39:53.
Ann Mazur of Charlottesville, VA and Erin Fitzgerald of Wilmington, DE brave the wind crossing the Girard Ave. Bridge.
San Francisco runners Katherine Leggat-Barr and Ally Hajda #1019 on their way to 2:52:38 and 2:55:05 times.
Courtney Concannon and Daniel Concannon of Darien, CT run 2:58:06. Had to get one photo of a SEPTA train.

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