Biehl and Corcoran win JFK 50

By Clay Shaw
Photography by Clay Shaw and Karen Mitchell

11.19.22 Hagerstown, MD, November 19, 2022, 60th JFK 50 Miler—Sarah Biehl of Columbus, OH ran a course record of 6:05:42. Biehl, who was runner-up in 2021, shattered the course record of 6:12:00 set by Ellie Greenwood in 2012. Caitriona Jennings of Ireland, who ran the Olympic Marathon in London, was second in 6:28:53. Jennings ran the #8 fastest women’s time at JFK and set a new masters record. Shea Aquilano of Carmel, IN, just 21, was third overall in 6:40:40. Natalie Sandoval of Phoenix, AZ was fourth in 6:43:00. Tara Dower of Wake Forest, NC was fourth in 6:48:32. Jana Fridrichova of Hagerstown was the top local finisher and tenth overall in 7:39:14. Fridrichova was the third master in the top ten. 

Garrett Corcoran of Salt Lake City, UT took the lead at mile 31 and went on to win in 5:29:47 in the 5th fastest time in JFK history. Corcoran, who has lived in Baltimore for the past three years, sported Maryland shorts for his winning run. Makai Clemons of San Diego was second in 5:32:20. Preston Cates of Flagstaff, AZ was third in 5:33:23. Matthew Seidel of Oakland, CA was fourth in 5:41:58. Ryan Sullivan of Grand Junction, CO was fifth in 5:47:02. The top master was Sam Kirk of Newtown Square, PA who was seventh overall in 5:55:32. Bryan Seifarth of Hagerstown was the top local man with a 7:07:12 and was 32nd. Kudos to York, PA runners Andrew Simpson (12th, 6:09:24), Stephen LoBianco (20th, 6:37:41), and Pete LoBianco (30th, 7:02:10 and fourth master). 966 runners finished under the 13 hour time limit. 

Top Women

  1. 6:05:42 Sarah Biehl, 28, Columbus, OH
  2. 6:28:53 Caitriona Jennings, 42, Ireland
  3. 6:40:40 Shea Aquilano, 21, Carmel, IN
  4. 6:43:00 Natalie Sandoval, 30, Phoenix, AZ
  5. 6:48:32 Tara Dower, 29, Wake Forest, NC
  6. 7:13:05 Mary Sketch, 29, Richmond, VA
  7. 7:31:16 Alyssa Anderson, 46, Claremont, NH
  8. 7:33:17 Sydney Lambert, 36, Austin, TX
  9. 7:36:54 Liz Derstine, 37, Portland, OR
  10. 7:39:14 Jana Fridrichova, 44, Hagerstown, MD
  11. 7:42:59 Kelly Wei, 32, Woodbury, CT
  12. 7:43:59 Megan DiGregorio, 34, White Marsh, MD
  13. 7:44:22 Amy Buesseler, 38, Bristow, VA
  14. 7:46:24 Mariel Feigen, 34, Brooklyn, NY
  15. 7:50:19 Anne George, 37, Asheville, NC

Top Men

  1. 5:29:47 Garrett Corcoran, 26, Salt Lake City, UT
  2. 5:32:20 Makai Clemons, 26, San Diego, CA
  3. 5:33:23 Preston Cates, 25, Flagstaff, AZ
  4. 5:41:58 Matthew Seidel, 26, Oakland, CA
  5. 5:47:02 Ryan Sullivan, 32, Grand Junction, CO
  6. 5:52:57 Matt Daniels, 34, Superior, CO
  7. 5:55:32 Sam Kirk, 40, Newtown Square, PA
  8. 5:59:36 Nick Arndt, 28, Sawyer, MI
  9. 6:01:26 Brandon Miller, 31, Calgary, AB, Canada
  10. 6:04:00 Elan Lieber, 32, Richmond, CA
  11. 6:07:09 Jeffrey Stern, 35, Mill Valley, CA
  12. 6:09:24 Andrew Simpson, 34, York, PA
  13. 6:09:56 Elliot Cardin, 29, Cowansville, QC, Canada
  14. 6:11:45 Reid Burrows, 27, Morriston, ON, Canada
  15. 6:13:36 Sidney Noble, 26, Manhattan, KS
Sarah Biehl of Columbus, OH. Just wow, shattered course record and went on to win JFK 50 in 6:05:42.
Makai Clemons of San Diego, CA running strong in the late miles to place second overall in 5:32:20.
Runners on the C & O towpath racing toward Taylor’s Landing (38.7 miles) along the Potomac River.
Liz Derstine of Portland, OR was ninth in 7:36:54.
Jana Fridrichova of Hagerstown, MD says hello on her way to tenth overall and top local in 7:39:14.
Megan DiGregorio of White Marsh, MD was 12th in 7:43:59.
Abigail Swift of San Diego was 18th in 8:04:47.
Pete LoBianco #63 of York, PA was 30th in 7:02:10. Two brothers and and another man from York, PA were in the top 30.
Shea Aquilano #51 of Carmel, IN was third in 6:40:40. Natalie Sandoval #53 of Phoenix, AZ was fourth in 6:43:00.
Stephen LoBianco of York Haven, PA was 20th in 6:37:41. Stephen is the track and XC coach at York College.
Sam Kirk of Newtown Square, PA was top master and seventh overall in 5:55:32.
Irish Olympian Caitriona Jennings was JFK’s fastest master of all-time with a 6:28:53. She placed second to Biehl overall.
Scott Nickley #71 of Los Angeles leads Israel Merkle #15 of Akron, OH at Taylor’s Landing. Nickley was 17th in 6:26:08 and Merkle was 18th in 6:26:55.
Andrew Simpson of York, PA was twelfth in 6:09:24.
Rick Lee of Bayville, NJ was 33rd in 7:08:20 and set a new 60-69 all time record.
Eva George of Winston-Salem, NC was 21stF in 8:24:59.
Mariel Feigen of Brooklyn, NY was 14th in 7:46:24. She seems amused at the jump offered by Eric Rooney #431 of Wilmington, DE.
Those wild and crazy Steamtown Marathon Guys. Douglas Gologorsky #80 and Joseph Chase #1508 both of Annapolis, MD ran together in 7:29:16, earning 44th & 45th place.
Kenneth Janosko of Mentor, OH was 28th in 6:56:43.
Bryan Seifarth of Hagerstown, MD was 32nd in 7:07:12. He was the first local finisher.
Elan Lieber of Richmond, CA placed tenth in 6:04:00.

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  1. Nice article and photos! That’s Tara Dower next to Pete LoBianco.


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