Poet’s Corner for November 2022

by George A. Hancock

Dreary November 

November dawns dreary 
Our eyes quite bleary
As we run again outside
There’s no need to hide.

Dawn will arrive soon
Perhaps creating a swoon
As folks realize no change
Will caress our road range. 

The weather is the same
Despite nature’s fame
Yet, running is a breeze
As we stride in ease.

November is a dark time
Daylight must be a crime
We run in somber light
Eyeing every gray sight.

We rejoice on a sunny day
A few, lighting our roadway
November’s only 30 days
Next up, Christmas displays. 

Crunchy Leaves 

November’s crunchy leaves 
For some means “the grieves”
As they recall warmer days
Complete with sunny rays.

Now November’s darkness 
Accompanied by a mess 
Of fallen leaves on roads
Creates noisy episodes.

The leaves are piled dry
And crunch as we run by
Avoiding them is not easy
Since the winds are breezy. 

Quiet runs? Hmm, not now
Listen, is that a big cow? 
Nope, a runner on the move
Perfecting their road groove.

Noisy runs are the norm
So just run and conform
Soon, the leaves are gone
Maybe at December’s dawn.

November 2022 

Tuesday begins November’s run
Hopefully with seasonal sun
November is often so dark 
Slowing our early road lark.

No year-round DST this year
Due to inaction and House fear
So, we’re back on regular EST
Stop time changes is the plea.

November 8 is Election Day
I voted earlier the new way
Just VOTE is the best thing
Maybe easing political sting. 

The 11th is Veteran’s Day
Thank You, we all say 
As we run November’s road
Viewing November’s late mode.

The 24th is Thanksgiving Day
We recall what comes our way
As we dine on delicious food
Offering thanks with our brood.

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