Termorshuizen and Burch Conquer Bridges and Wind

By Clay Shaw

Harrisburg, PA, November 13 2022, 50th Harrisburg Marathon—The wind can be nasty in November.  After a prolonged, warm autumn, including the day before the marathon, the northerlies came down with a vengeance along the Susquehanna River, battering the runners on several bridge crossings and elsewhere on the course.

Luke Termorshuizen of Annapolis, MD won from the get-go, having a big lead at half of nearly six minutes. Wearing a red Navy Marathon Team 3shirt, like many in the race, he won in 2:34:26. Jon French of Syracuse, NY ran a negative split and narrowed the gap to the winner by nearly four minutes to place second in 2:36:37. David Herr of Akron, OH ran perfect splits to place third in 2:38:54. Fred Joslyn of Boiling Springs, who won this marathon twice before, was fourth in 2:43:54. Eddie Chen of Ashburn, VA was top master and fifth overall in 2:44:44.

Elizabeth Burch of Bethesda, MD won in 3:13:37, taking the lead around 21 miles. Burch was also top master (for journalism purposes). Meg Griffith of Manheim, PA and the F & M Track Club also moved up a spot to finish second in 3:18:58. Alexandria Russo of Malden, MA was third in 3:21:22. Maureen Peralta of Lancaster was fourth in 3:23:05 and second master. Lindsey Clearfield of Harrisburg was fifth in 3:23:35.

515 runners completed the 50th Harrisburg Marathon. Another 207 completed a new half marathon that was won by Brian Lewis of Ashburn, VA in 1:18:20 and Christina Hunsberger of Boalsburg, PA in 1:41:18; both runners are masters.

Top Women – Marathon

  1. 3:13:37 Elizabeth Burch, 43, Bethesda, MD
  2. 3:18:58 Meg Griffith, 35, Manheim, PA
  3. 3:21:22 Alexandria Russo, 22, Malden, MA
  4. 3:24:05 Maureen Peralta, 40, Lancaster, PA
  5. 3:23:35 Lindsey Clearfield, 29, Harrisburg, PA
  6. 3:23:51 Sarah Wenger, 41, Dallastown, PA
  7. 3:24:04 Michelle Nettleton, 43, Washington, DC
  8. 3:25:51 Jenna Bargfrede, 19, Sparta, NJ
  9. 3:28:39 Kayla Mendiola-Swearengin, 18, Annapolis, MD
  10. 3:29:44 Rosina Darden, 36, Rockville, MD
  11. 3:30:41 Tereza Holasova-Silva, 33, Czech Republic
  12. 3:31:14 Tami Garber, 43, Elizabethtown, PA
  13. 3:32:17 Kelly Leighton, 37, Camp Hill, PA
  14. 3:33:09 Nicole Diller, 39, Shippensburg, PA
  15. 3:33:10 Emily Nelson, 25, Mechanicsburg, PA
  16. 3:34:04 Ali Huber, 30, Middleburg, PA
  17. 3:35:10 Kelsey Toth, 32, Lewisberry, PA
  18. 3:36:00 Karen Lam-Duckett, 44, York, PA
  19. 3:36:20 Abby Bahlau, 20, West Chester, OH
  20. 3:38:21 Megan Dodson, 46, York, PA

Top Men – Marathon

  1. 2:34:26 Luke Termorshuizen, 22, Annapolis, MD
  2. 2:36:37 Jon French, 39, Syracuse, NY
  3. 2:38:54 David Herr, 24, Akron, OH
  4. 2:43:54 C Fred Joslyn, 38, Boiling Springs, PA
  5. 2:44:44 Eddie Chen, 42, Ashburn, VA
  6. 2:47:55 Drew Galahan, 31, Harlowton, MT
  7. 2:48:43 Joseph Ozgar, 21, Easton, PA
  8. 2:49:54 AJ Merrill, 19, Annapolis, MD
  9. 2:49:58 Dan Pick, 35, Willow Street, PA
  10. 2:50:41 Christopher Kuhl, 38, Dillsburg, PA
  11. 2:51:35 Brian Bundren, 44, Mahomet, IL
  12. 2:52:18 Odin Moore, 18, Annapolis, MD
  13. 2:52:26 Alston McCaslin, 19, Annapolis, MD
  14. 2:54:40 Adam White, 22, Annapolis, MD
  15. 2:55:55 Takashi Akera, 35, Rockville, MD
  16. 2:56:42 Joe Marks, 38, Carlisle, PA
  17. 2:56:44 Travis Luckenbaugh, 38, Harrisburg, PA
  18. 2:57:14 Michael Browne, 41, Easton, PA
  19. 2:57:19 Daniel Kotzen, 35, Brooklyn, NY
  20. 2:57:28 Jesse Magolon, 29, Frederick, MD

Top Women – Half Marathon

  1. 1:41:18 Christina Hunsberger, 42, Boalsburg, PA
  2. 1:41:59 Hannah Meyer, 25, Fairfax, VA
  3. 1:42:01 Chloe Warrell, 17, Mechanicsburg, PA
  4. 1:42:09 Anna Squicciarini, 43, State College, PA
  5. 1:43:06 Stephanie Haas, 42, Lutherville-Timonium, MD

Top Men – Half Marathon

  1. 1:18:26 Brian Lewis, 42, Ashburn, VA
  2. 1:19:49 Zachary Meyer, 20, Overland Park, KS
  3. 1:22:50 Joshua Jamison, 44, York, PA
  4. 1:23:29 Akshat Maheshwari, 19, Naperville, IL
  5. 1:24:43 David Saltzman, 18, Madison, MS
Elizabeth Burch of Bethesda, MD was the winner in 3:13:37. Burch, who is a masters runner, took over the lead in the latter miles of the race.
Luke Termorshuizen of Annapolis, MD and the Navy Marathon Team, led the Harrisburg Marathon from start to finish, winning in 2:34:26.
Meg Griffith of Manheim, PA ran 3:18:58 to finish second overall.
Fred Joslyn #392 of Boiling Springs and Jon French #301 of Syracuse head across the Harvey Taylor Bridge with the Navy Marathon Team in a big group behind them. Two-time champ Joslyn was fourth overall in 2:43:54; French was second in 2:36:37. Both men had negative splits.
Josh Jamison of York speeds through the half-marathon to earn third overall in 1:22:50. F & M runner Dan Pick of Willow Street, PA was ninth overall in the marathon in 2:49:58.
Eddie Chen of Ashburn, VA was top master and fifth overall in 2:44:44.
Takashi Akera of Rockville, MD enjoys the tailwind along the Susquehanna. Akera was 15th overall in 2:55:55.
Jesse Magolon of Frederick, MD was 20th in 2:57:28. John Murphy #508 of Gettysburg was 25th in 2:58:37 as 28 men broke three hours on a windy day.
Twin brothers Bryan Hagner #333, of Parkville, MD and Christopher Hagner #334, also of Parkville, run together along the Susquehanna. Bryan was 48th in 3:08:50; Christopher was 53rd in 3:11:41.
Kenneth Bell of Lancaster ran 3:25:35 and earned 2nd in the 55-59 group. Erin Harmeyer of Flemington, NJ was 23rd in 3:40:54.
The Navy Marathon Team in force along the Susquehanna River.
Kayla Mendiola-Swearengin of Annapolis, MD, one the many Navy Marathon Team runners, shows a great smile on her way to ninth overall, in 3:28:39.
Rosina Darden of Rockville, MD smiles along the Susquehanna in the tailwind direction. Darden was tenth in 3:29:51.
Nicole Diller #265 of Shippensburg was 14th in 3:33:09. Tim Abbey of Elizabethtown ran 3:36:57. Brienna Riedy #1056 of Shippensburg was 10th in the half-marathon in 1:46:28.
Karen Lam-Duckett of York runs along Riverfront Park early in the Harrisburg Marathon. KLD ran 3:36:00,18th overall and 2nd in AG.
Megan Dodson of York was 20th and 1st 45-49 with a 3:38:21. Who has a PB and a negative split in that wind? Kudos to Megan. Gwyn Miller #1027, also from York, had a 1:52:43 in the half-marathon.
Jessi Clark #221 of Middlesex, NJ leads the 3:45 pace group. Clark was spot on with a 3:44:34.
Michael Womelsdorf of Etters leads the 3:50 pace group with his usual metronome pace, finishing in 3:49:38. Michael then did the Dover 10 miler that afternoon. 36 windy miles!!
Lichu Sloan of Clinton Park, NY wins the 70-74 age group in 6:24:32. Lichu has run in 103 different countries, and Harrisburg was her 270th lifetime marathon.
Keith Straw of Malvern, PA leads the 4:15 group. He finished in 4:14:45, spot on.
Jed Cadenhead of Harrisburg runs her 20th Harrisburg Marathon. Remarkably, the weekend prior she ran both the Indianapolis and Louisville Marathons.
Cathy Butler #935 and Kristen Guerrini #980, both of York, say hi during their half-marathon. Guerrini was sixth in 1:43:13 and Butler was ninth in 1:46:16, and they scored big on the AG hardware.
Cathy Butler and Kelly McKinley both of York run along the Susquehanna. I found out the next day that they did not DNF in the marathon; they were top ten finishers in the half marathon. Whew! Butler was 9th overall, McKinley was eighth and both scored on the hardware.
Sister smiles. Kelsey Toth #696 of Lewisberry and Renee Green of York run together near the nine-mile mark. Kelsey ran an eight-minute negative split to place 17th in 3:35:10. Renee ran even splits to run 3:58:32.
Ellen Marie Eik Karlsen of Norway runs 3:54:59.

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