Lokedi Wins Debut; Chebet Does a Boston-New York Double

by Clay Shaw
Photos by Clay Shaw and Karen Mitchell

New York NY, November 6, 2022, 51st TCS New York City Marathon—Sharon Lokedi of Kenya was patient in her marathon debut, waiting until mile 25 to make her winning move, finishing in 2:23:23. Lokedi ran collegiately at Kansas and had raced well in the United Airlines New York City Half Marathon and the Mastercard New York Mini 10K. Although she had no marathon experience, she had the Central Park racing history which came in handy. Lonah Salpeter of Israel, finished second in 2:23:30. Salpeter and Lokedi were trailing the trio of Gotytom Gebreslase of Ethiopia, Viola Cheptoo of Kenya, and Hellen Obiri of Kenya (who was also making her marathon debut), but came back strong to forge ahead in Central Park. Gebreslase, who won the World Athletics Championships marathon in Eugene, ran strong for third in 2:23:39. 

The amazing Edna Kiplagat of Kenya, at 42, was fourth and top master in 2:24:16. Viola Cheptoo of Kenya was fifth in 2:25:34. Cheptoo, the sister of Bernard Lagat, was second in 2021. Hellen Obiri, the highly decorated track and cross-country star, debuted at 2:25:49 in sixth place.

Aliphine Tuliamuk of Flagstaff, AZ was top American and seventh overall in 2:26:18, a personal best. Tuliamuk’s last marathon finish was the win at the USA Olympic Marathon Team Trials in Atlanta on February 29, 2020. Emma Bates of Boulder was second USA and eighth overall in 2:26:53. Nell Rojas of Boulder was tenth overall and third USA in 2:28:32. 

Kudos to Stephanie Bruce of Flagstaff, AZ with a solid 2:30:34 in her final race as a pro athlete, fittingly in her birthplace of New York. 

Evans Chebet of Kenya ran smart, and he is the sixth to win Boston and New York in the same year. Chebet won in 2:08:41. Shura Kitata of Ethiopia was chasing, causing Chebet to turn around often. Kitara finished second in 2:08:54. Abdi Nageeye of Netherlands placed third in 2:10:31.

Daniel Do Nascimento of Brazil tried to “steal” the race early and had an over two-minute lead at 20K. Do Nascimento, who has a 2:04 marathon best, ran the fastest first half in New York City Marathon history with a 1:01:22. Chebet began to ramp it up on the 59th Street Bridge, as the men’s chase pack broke up before entering Manhattan. The drama began just before 20 miles, with Do Nascimento using the porta-potty at 99th Street, a quick 18-second stop. Soon after, he crumbled to the ground in distress. His race was over. Chebet gave a concerned look and pointed, signaling that the exhausted Do Nascimento needed assistance, which came within seconds.   

Scott Fauble of Portland, OR was the top American and ninth overall in 2:13:35. Fauble signed with Nike the evening prior to the marathon. Reed Fischer of Boulder was tenth and second American in 2:15:23. Jared Ward of Mapleton, UT was third USA and eleventh in 2:17:09.

Susannah Scaroni of Champaign, IL (1:42:43) and Marcel Hug of Switzerland (1:25:26) were the professional wheelchair champions, both setting new course records. It was said that the warmer weather actually benefited their racing times.

Jacob Casell of New York City was the first non-binary athlete, with a 2:45:16 clocking.

Galen Rupp who was running his first NYC Marathon had to drop out on 1st Avenue with the hip injury that bothered him in the World Champs in Eugene.

Sharon Lokedi’s win gave the Baltimore-based Under Armour their first World Majors Victory. Weini Kelati won the 5K in the same orange Under Armour kit.

47,838 finished the 2022 YCS New York City Marathon. It was the first full-entrant 50,000 runner start since 2019. The 73 degrees and 67% humidity, made it less than ideal for the athletes. It was the warmest NYC Marathon since 1985 (the year I ran it in 3:21 which I wasn’t happy with at the time).

Top Professional Women Finishers

  1. 2:23:23 Sharon Lokedi, 28, Kenya
  2. 2:23:30 Lonah Salpeter, 33, Israel
  3. 2:23:39 Gotytom Gebreslase, 27, Ethiopia
  4. 2:24:16 Edna Kiplagat, 42, Kenya
  5. 2:25:34 Viola Cheptoo, 33, Kenya
  6. 2:25:49 Hellen Obiri, 32, Kenya
  7. 2:26:18 Aliphine Tuliamuk, 33, Flagstaff, AZ
  8. 2:26:53 Emma Bates, 30, Boulder, CO
  9. 2:27:27 Jessica Stenson, 35, Australia
  10. 2:28:32 Nell Rojas, 34, Boulder, CO
  11. 2:29:28 Lindsay Flanagan, 31, Boulder, CO
  12. 2:30:22 Gerda Steyn, 32, South Africa
  13. 2:30:34 Stephanie Bruce, 38, Flagstaff, AZ
  14. 2:30:59 Caroline Rotich, 38, Kenya
  15. 2:31:31 Keira D’Amato, 38, Midlothian, VA
  16. 2:32:37 Desiree Linden, 39, Charlevoix. MI
  17. 2:32:56 Mao Uesugi, 27, Japan
  18. 2:34:50 Eloise Wellings, 39, Australia
  19. 2:35:03 Sarah Pagano, 31, San Diego, CA
  20. 2:35:32 Grace Kahura, 29, Kenya
  21. 2:35:35 Annie Frisbie, 25, Hopkins, MN
  22. 2:39:45 Molly Grabill, 30, Denver, CO
  23. 2:40:22 Kayla Lampe, 20, Philadelphia, PA
  24. 2:40:52 Maegan Krifchin, 34, Atlanta, GA
  25. 2:43:06 Roberta Groner, 44, Ledgewood, NJ
  26. 2:45:34 Ruth Van Der Meijden, 38, Netherlands

Top Professional Men Finishers

  1. 2:08:41 Evans Chebet, 33, Kenya
  2. 2:08:54 Shura Kitata, 26, Ethiopia
  3. 2:10:31 Abdi Nageeye, 33, Netherlands
  4. 2:11:00 Mohamed El Aaraby, 32, Morocco
  5. 2:11:31 Suguru Osako, 31, Japan
  6. 2:12:12 Tetsuya Yoroizaka, 32, Japan
  7. 2:13:27 Albert Korir, 28, Kenya
  8. 2:13:29 Daniele Meucci, 37, Italy
  9. 2:13:35 Scott Fauble, 31, Portland, OR
  10. 2:15:23 Reed Fischer, 27, Boulder, CO
  11. 2:17:09 Jared Ward, 34, Mapleton, UT
  12. 2:17:15 Matthew Baxter, 28, New Zealand
  13. 2:17:29 Leonard Korir, 35, Colorado Springs, CO
  14. 2:20:04 Matthew Llano, 34, Flagstaff, AZ
  15. 2:20:14 Olivier Irabaruta, 32, Burundi
  16. 2:22:31 Hendrik Pfeiffer, 29, Germany (Wave 1 start – Open Men)
  17. 2:22:58 Jonas Hampton, 33, Newtonville, MA
  18. 2:23:10 Alberto Mena, 24, Ecuador
  19. 2:23:33 Jacob Shiohira, 26, Bentonville, AR (Wave 1 start – Open Men)
  20. 2:23:42 Edward Mulder, 30, Boston, MA
Sharon Lokedi of Kenya surges into the lead around mile 25, opening a small gap on Lonah Salpeter of Israel. Lokedi won her debut marathon in 2:23:23.
Evans Chebet of Kenya enters Manhattan over two minutes behind the early leader. Chebet ran steady, measured and patient and won the marathon by 13 seconds.
Evans Chebet of Kenya ran masterfully, here striding by mile 25 on his way to a 2:08:41 win. Chebet won both Boston and New York Marathons in 2022.
The lead women enter Manhattan in an eight-woman pack. Edna Kiplagat, Lonah Salpeter, Gotytom Gebreslase, Hellen Obiri make up the front row. Senbere Teferi is tucked in. The other athletes (Cheptoo, Tuliamuk, and Lokedi) are not really visible.
Lonah Salpeter of Israel runs a solid race for second place in 2:23:30.
Shura Kitata of Ethiopia did not make it easy for Chebet. Kitata chased through Central Park to earn second in 2:08:54.
Gotytom Gebreslase of Ethiopia was third in 2:23:39. In July, she won the World Athletics Marathon in Eugene, OR. in 2:18:11.
Abdi Nageeye of Netherlands was third in 2:10:31. Nageeye won silver in the Tokyo Olympic Marathon held in 2021.
Edna Kiplagat of Kenya simply amazing at 42. Edna was fourth overall and first master in 2:24:16.
Suguru Osako of Japan was fifth in 2:11:31.
Hellen Obiri of Kenya ran 2:25:49 in her first marathon; she was sixth overall. Obiri won silver in the 5000 meters in both Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo.
Tetsuya Yoroizaka of Japan was sixth in 2:12:12.
Aliphine Tuliamuk of Flagstaff, AZ gets a police escort as first American at the TCS New York City Marathon. Aliphine was seventh overall in 2:26:18, a personal best.
Emma Bates of Boulder, CO was eighth and second USA in 2:26:53.
Daniele Meucci of Italy was eighth in 2:13:29.
Scott Fauble of Portland, OR was the top American with a 2:13:35 and was ninth overall. Fauble signed with Nike the evening before the marathon. Kayla Lampe of Philadelphia ran 2:40:22.
Jessica Stenson of Australia was ninth in 2:27:27. Stenson won gold in the 2022 Commonwealth Games marathon in Birmingham.
Nell Rojas of Boulder, CO rocked another solid marathon; she ran 2:28:32 for tenth overall and third USA.
Reed Fischer of Boulder, CO was tenth overall and second USA with a 2:15:23.
Lindsay Flanagan of Boulder, CO runs along the big crowds in Central Park. She finished 11th in 2:29:28.
Lindsay Flanagan of Boulder, CO heads into Manhattan. Her time was 2:29:28 and was 11th. In July, Lindsay won the Gold Coast Marathon in Australia.
Jared Ward of Mapleton, UT was third American, and eleventh overall in 2:17:09. He seems to have a good lead on the NYPD canine unit.
Matthew Baxter of New Zealand was twelfth in 2:17:15.
Gerda Steyn of South Africa was twelfth in 2:30:22.
Stephanie Bruce of Flagstaff, AZ ran a solid 2:30:34 in her final race as a pro athlete.
Matt Llano of Flagstaff, AZ was 14th in 2:20:04.
Des Linden of Charlevoix, MI and Keira D’Amato of Midlothian, VA run together entering Manhattan.
Eloise Wellings of Australia was 18th in 2:34:50, and missed being a master by three days.
Sarah Pagano of San Diego, CA was 19th in 2:35:03.
Grace Kahura of Kenya at mile 25 in Central Park running with Eloise Wellings of Australia and Sarah Pagano of San Diego.
Roberta Groner of Ledgewood, NJ was second master; she ran 2:43:06. She was the first NYC Metro area finisher.
Ruth Van Der Meijden of Netherlands ran 2:45:34.
Galen Rupp of Portland, OR enters Manhattan looking strong, but the hip and back issues that bothered him in Eugene caused him to stop on First Avenue and, sadly, call it a day
Daniel Do Nascimento of Brazil led the TCS New York City Marathon for 20 miles before collapsing. Do Nascimento recorded the fastest first half (1:01:22) in NYC Marathon history.

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